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A hydrophobic polymer based liquid cover/additive that creates a durable opaque layer ideal for erosion, dust and water run-off control

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Product Description

The Ultimate Barrier for suppressing odors, vapors, and gases (methane, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, etc.) emanating from the landfill surface. HydraGuard is a mixture of vinyl acetate and acrylic polymers blended so they will easily soak into a variety of soils. The objective is to get at least an inch of penetration. The liquid mixture will dry and harden creating a semi-impermeable layer that restricts stormwater penetration and similarly restricts the passage of gas, vapor, and VOC’s.

When applied to the surface of clay, it soaks into the clay. Full penetration is achieved when the surface takes on the look of a glazed donut as shown in the photo to the right of an aluminum dross monofil in Tennessee. HydraGuard was developed for this site to reduce its ammonia odors resulting from the penetration of water and its interaction with the aluminum dross. You can see a video of that site manager at


NWCI manufacturers other cover materials used in remediation projects that are sprayed on the surface of the contaminated soil and achieve the same objective as a traditional cover. HydraGuard is different because it soaks into the soil as opposed to sitting on the surface. Geomembranes and special fabric coatings require additional maintenance, and are affected by wind. spray on ‘above surface coatings’ can get washed out in areas because stormwater gets behind and under the coating. With HydraGuard this does not happen because the coating is the soil surface.

HydraGuards Spectrum of Landfill Solutions

Because of its unique characteristics, by varying the levels of dilution, HydraGuard can be used for Erosion Control on slopes, dust control on low and heavy trafficked areas, odor and VOC suppression, and minimization of stormwater penetration into the landfill.

How to Use the Chart:

The chart below is designed to help you see how the different dilutions of HydraGuard in water can be utilized for different
purposes, improving durability and capability, as you decrease the number of parts of water to one part HydraGuard. The chart can help you understand application rates as well, both in terms of gallons of HydraGuard mixed with water needed to cover an acre, or how many square feet a gallon of concentrate will cover

Dilution Ratios
18:1 11:1 9:1 or 8:1 7:1 or 6:1 4:1 or 3:1
Application Slopes or Roads Slopes or Roads Slopes or Roads
Vapor & Odor Suppression
Erosion Control – Gentle Slope
Dust Control – Gentle Slope/Capping
Road or Slopes
Temporary Road
Road Shoulders
Slope Erosion – Moderate Slope
Stockpile Capping – Steep Slope
Dust Control – No Traffic (12 months)
Road or Slopes, Erosion Control – Steep Slopes, Dust Control – No Traffic (24 Months), Dust Control – Light Traffic, Dust Control – Heavy Traffic
Traffic No Traffic No Traffic No Traffic Light Traffic Heavy Traffic
Durability 30 Days 90 Days 180 Days 180 Days to 12 Months 12 to 24 Months
Square Feet 675ft2 435ft2 150ft2 to 200ft2Road: 320ft2 70ft2 to 75ft2 – Temp. Roads/Road Shoulders, 125ft2 – Slope Erosion (Moderate), 150ft2 to 175ft2 – Stockpile Capping (Moderate to Steep), 220ft2 – Dust Control Road (No Traffic) 35ft2 – Dust Control Road (Heavy Traffic), 45ft2 – Dust Control Road (Light Traffic), 70ft2 – Slope Erosion (Steep), 150ft2 – Dust Control (No Traffic)
(diluted mix)
1226 gal. 1202 gal. 1960 gal. up to 2613 gal., Roads: 2439 gal. 2439 gal. – Slope Erosion (Moderate Slope), 1991 gal. – Stockpile Capping (Moderate Slope), 2033 gal. – Stockpile Capping (Steep Slope), 1386 gal. – Dust Control Road (No Traffic) 4978 gal. – Dust Control (Heavy Traffic), 4860 gal. – Dust Control (Light Traffic), 2489 gal. – Slope Erosion (Steep), 1452 gal. – Dust Control (No Traffic)
Second Coating
Purpose N/A N/A To enhance durability and odor suppression To enhance durability and strength of initial coating and extend product life To enhance strength and durability of slope erosion cover material
Type N/A N/A ProGuard (Irish Blend) or diluted version of ProGuard (Irish Blend) and HydraGuard at a 5 or 6:1 dilution ratio ProGuard (Irish Blend) or ConCover 180 with HydraGuard ProGuard (Irish Blend) or ConCover 180 with HydraGuard

Product Specifications

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Product Type

Hydrophobic Polymer Liquid

Mixing Ratios

HydraGuard Only: 3:1 up to 18:1 Ratio – See Dust & Erosion Chart Tab
HydraGuard as Additive: 10:1 to 3000:1 Ratio***

***speak with sales engineer about product & application to determine the mixing ratio

Application Type

Topically or Combined with a Cover Material

Product State



5 Gallon Pail, 275 Gallon IBC Tote

Storage Recommendations

Store between 75 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Blend before use if stored for long periods of time.

Product Reference Literature

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