Odor Control

Introducing The Odor Battalion

NWCI’s line of millitary grade odor fighting chemical neutralizers and Bacteria & Enzyme Products to control and eliminate odors at the source

Odor Neutralizing Infantry – Chemical Neutralizers

Odor Corporal

Odor Corporal attacks strong acid odors like hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptans, and other gases associated with sewage and fatty wastes. As one of NWC’s Odor Neutralizing Infantry Combatants, Odor Corporal also has various emulsifying agents which help with the dispersion of oil and reduces fat build up on machinery, reducing maintenance costs and prolongs equipment life. It is designed to neutralize hydrogen sulfides using the following reaction:

H2S (hydrogen sulfide) + Odor Corporal = RNH3SH (amine-bisulphide salt)

Odor Corporal can be used also to neutralize hydrocarbon odors such benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, naphthalene and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Odor Sergeant Blends

Odor Sergeant comes in four unique blends, which are solution based formulas designed to deal with specific odor scenarios, each blend will significantly reduce your site’s bird population as well.

It carries a slight grape or some say bubblegum scent. These natural acting botanical extracts which are a part of the product, are also excellent at controlling odors. Odor Sergeant and the other variations of this product line are quickly becoming an industry standard for the extreme demands of the waste industry.

Odor Sergeant

Odor Sergeant stands ready to stop odors at landfills and transfer stations. Its one of the most effective and flexible products on the market today. It can be topically applied to a variety of waste surfaces, misted using NWC’s SWAT technology, mixed with NWC’s daily cover material before daily cover is applied, or have it added to your water truck and integrate it into your daily dust control process.

Odor Master Sergeant

Odor Master Sergeant is a custom blend of Odor Sergeant containing special blends of a naturally occurring botanical extracts and other chemicals that can sequester or suppress hydrogen sulfide gas. Odor Master Sergeant works on H2S gas by uncoupling the electron transfer process in the sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) that are producing this toxic chemical. When blocked, the SRB’s are incapable of reducing sulphate to H2S

Odor Sergeant Specialist

Odor Sergeant Specialist is a special blend of Odor Sergeant that integrates odor control with insect control. Odor Sergeant Specialist works by negatively impacting larvae of flies in the waste that are deposited in the landfill, as well as repelling adult insects. This chemistry combines both fly and odor control in one package.

Odor Lieutenant

Odor Lieutenant targets alkaline odorous compounds like ammonia, butylamine, trimethylamines, amines, skatoles and other similar compounds that are found in putrecible waste (household garbage), sewage treatment plants, sewage reticulation systems, animal breeding and processing facilities. Spray Odor Lieutenant topically or mist it, on a time programmed basis, and all odors can be eliminated. Odor Lieutenant is especially effective against alkaline compounds with their toxic and offensive potential neutralized by the following general reaction:

NH3 (ammonia) + Odor Lt. = CH3COONH4 (amine salt) or RCH2CONH4

Odor Lieutenant is normally supplied as a concentrate, but can also be supplied pre-diluted with water and, for cold weather applications, “winterized” with a non-toxic antifreeze package.

Bacteria & Enzyme Battalion

Odor Major

Have you ever smelled rotten eggs? or a sharp ammonia smell?

Your probably smelling Hydrogen Sulfides, Ammonia, Amines and volatile fatty acids.

New Waste Concept’s bacteria and enzyme based odor control products provides a powerful combination of fast acting chemical and selectively adapted bacteria for elimination of all types of these odors. Odor Major doesn’t just hide these odors they attack the source to eliminate the possibility of these odors of ever occurring. Odor Major is also flexible enough that it can be combined with several different odor products. Please ask your sales engineer for more details

Odor Captain

Odor Captain and its variations are a series of products designed for in-situ bioremediation projects. Odor Captain is comprised of biodegradeable biostimulants and cleaners. It uses a proprietary blend of naturally occurring bacterial cultures that are highly adaptive and tolerent to high concentrations of hydrocarbon odor producing substances. Specialized biodegradeable surfactants and bio-nutrients are added for efficacy to further enhance the vitality of the culture.

These surfactants and bio-nutrients vary and are the main difference between HC-1 and HC-2 versions of Odor Captain. Where normal bacteria die Odor Captain thrives.

Odor Captain HC-1

HC-1 is ideal for:

  • Decontaminating soil and ground water containing hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon odor producing materials
  • For use with leaking underground storage tanks found at old gas stations or similar locations.
  • For highly contaminated sediments found in many environmental remediation projects. –
  • The Bacterias can tolerate high petroleum concentrations that are inhibitory to many naturally found bacterial populations –
  • Rapidly degradges all major organic components of #4, #5 & #6 Fuel Oils, Crude Oil and Coal Tars.

Odor Captain HC-2

HC-2 is ideal for:

  • Targets a wide variety of industrial wastes including fatty acids, hydrocarbons, phenolic compounds, ketones, surfactants, recalcitrant orgames
  • Improves maximum rates of organic removal as measured by BOD, COD or TOC
  • Rapid recovery from load-related and toxic upsets in wastewater and municipal applications

Odor Ranger

Odor ranger is one of our most popular odor fighting products. Its a blend of special bacteria + surfactants and is a superb cleaner for institutional, office or industrial settings. This engineered product combines the fast action of chemistry with the long term benefits of microbes. The Odor Ranger captures and destroys odors by first, instantly binding the odor causing molecules, then through the use of a proprietary microbial team, devour the bound odor molecules. The bacteria continue to consume the offending odor source long after it has been applied. The Odor Ranger is the result of intensive research and development to produce an industrial odor control and cleaner that goes well beyond the capability of other products on the market

To prevent the return of the odor, specialized microbes convert the odor-causing organics to benign cellular components plus odorless carbon dioxide and water. This combined chemical and microbial effect makes the Odor Ranger a powerful , yet safe and environmentally friendly odor controller.