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Welcome to New Waste Concepts, Inc.

At New Waste Concepts Inc., we focus on the building of the social, environmental, and financial capital of our company by developing products, solutions and environmental services that help our customers solve the unique problems they face on a daily basis. For over 40 years, our process-driven solutions are designed to be simple, reliable, cost-effective and most importantly helping our customers achieve their short and long-term financial goals while improving social & community engagement.

  • We manufacture the complete line of cover materials available from daily waste covers to long-term hydrophobic covers.
  • We manufacture and supply diversified remedial systems for suppressing dust, erosion, VOC’s, odors, and gases.
  • We design, build and install high volume mission critical industrial & agricultural wastewater, leachate evaporation, and misting systems.
  • We manufacture industrial strength solutions for controlling odors and dust to the solid waste, composting, oil & gas, utilities & energy, construction & demolition, manufacturing, and livestock industries.

These are Just a Few of Solutions We Have Helped Our Customers With

  • Odor & VOC Suppression

  • Compost Facility Odors

  • Daily Waste Covers

  • Ditch/Swale/Trench Erosion & Revegetation

  • Excavation Dust Control

  • Fire Suppression

  • Fugitive Dust Suppression

  • Garbage Bin & Dumpster Odors

  • H2S Gas Odors

  • Haul Road Dust Suppression

  • Indoor Misting Systems

  • Intermediate & Long-Term Covers

  • Landfill Odors

  • Leachate Evaporation

  • Leachate Odors

  • Mobile Misting Equipment

  • MRF Odors & Dust

  • Odor & Dust Suppression Delivery Systems

  • Perimeter Misting Equipment

  • Pile Dust Control & Equipment

  • Side Slope Stabilization/Erosion

  • Run-off Control

  • Post-Closure Revegetation

  • Stockpile Erosion/Run-off

  • Water Penetration Prevention

  • Transfer Station & Waste Roll-Off Odors

  • Waste Transport Covers

  • Flowback Evaporation

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Sustainability is in our DNA

New Waste Concepts, Inc. as an environmental solutions company has been focused on trying to develop and market sustainable technologies to the Waste and Remediation Industries. Download our map to see how we do what we do.