Intermediate Covers

New Waste Concepts has been making Covers for over 40 years. We were one of the first companies to develop spray applied covers with the original ConCover line. Since then NWCI has the developed the most versatile and cost effective line of intermediate covers on the market today and our products are used across the globe in some of the mission critical environments in the world. With over 8 different covers designed to tackle every imaginable environment in the most cost effective manner we are sure that we have a cover for you.

ProGuard SB2 (Irish Blend)

ProGuard SB2 (Irish Mix) is a custom blend of our ProGuard SB2, ConCover 180 and HydraGuard. Combined in the “Irish Mix” formula the durability and water repelling properties of the ProGuard SB2 cover material is enhanced at a fraction of the price of traditional intermediate covers. Developed as an easy to mix high-quality daily waste cover for the challenging wet climate of Ireland, ProGuard SB2 ‘Irish Mix’ exceeded our expectations and is used around the globe as cost-effective intermediate cover.


ProGuard IIB+ (Irish Blend)

ProGuard IIB (Irish Mix) is a custom blend of our ProGuard IIB+, ConCover 180 and HydraGuard. Combined in the “Irish Mix” formula the durability and water repelling properties of the ProGuard IIB+ cover material is further enhanced at a modest portion of the price of traditional intermediate covers. Developed as an easy to mix ultra high-quality daily waste cover for the challenging wet climate of Ireland, ProGuard IIB ‘Irish Mix’ exceeded our expectations and has been adopted by engineering firms and landfills around the globe as a reliable cost-effective intermediate cover.

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ConCover SW

ConCover SW is a patented, technologically advanced blend of polymers and recycled fiber that forms a slurry when mixed with water. When applied, it creates a uniform, encapsulating barrier that can last 6-8 months or longer. ConCover SW is the ‘perfect’ intermediate cover and has a long track record of success in remediation, landfill, and long-term erosion and seeding projects. ConCover SW can also be used as a Booster/additive for your daily waste cover when rain events happen.ConCover SW is a biodegradable, non-toxic material (HMIS rated ‘0’ for health, fire & reactivity) and uses recycled materials making it the greenest & safest product on the market today. Contact a representative to find out more.


Why Choose a NWCI Intermediate Cover?

Superior Adhesion

Problematic Surfaces are No Problem

Our chemistry allows the slurry to stick to anything. Our famous hand test shows how well our covers stick to even an upside down surface. Plastics, Glass, Vertical Surfaces are no problem!

Vapor Suppression

The ability of Proguard SB2 with HydraGuard, or Concover 180 when applied to a surface of soil or contaminated sediment to suppress or restrict the flow of either Toluene or Radon 222 gas for significant periods can be an important part of any remediation project providing for beneficial applications in dealing with radioactive waste, mining wastes and other clean ups.

The chart to the right reflects the measured detection of toluene in a cylinder, one with a soil layer and the other with a coating of ConCover 180 / ProGuard SB2 with Hydraguard. Both of these shown in the light green dots were capable of suppressing VOC’s better than a soil covering. Same was done with test samples where NWC’s products were placed over Radon 222 sources of Alpha emitting particles over a 69 hour sampling period. It was shown that the Radon 222 permeation through the ConCover 180 was virtually undetected for the first 24 hour period, and then rose slightly to .003 WL in the second 24 hours, and then in the last 21 hours rose to levels of .006 WLs. So if you want to control Odors as the Sydney Tarponds Agency found, you need to use NWC’s remediation cover materials

Vapor Suppression Experiment: Soil Vs. ConCover

Robust Hydrophobic Barrier

Water can cause a variety of issues with any cover. When you want a cover to last then you need to consider water impermeability. Water shedding is mission critical feature of any good intermediate cover. NWCI’s intermediate covers are designed to withstand harsh conditions and do it at a budget friendly price

Non-Setting Formula

ConCover SW, ProGuard IIB+ (Irish Blend), and ProGuard SB (Irish Blend) offers the ability to mix a high quality protective barrier without worrying about having to use a product that can set in a machine. Perfect for ‘On Demand’ situations.

What can a NWCI Intermediate Cover do for you?

Extreme Seeding Environments

NWCI’s line of intermediate covers are ideal for extreme seeding environments. The cover absorbs moisture and protects any seed from the sun, birds or other animals. Perfect if you want to put seed down now and its not the ideal season. Drought environments and NWCI’s intermediate covers are almost a perfect match. Talk to a rep to find out more.

Erosion Control

Erosion is a problem that only gets worse over time. The ConCover and ProGuard line of covers are ideal for securing soil on a slope or preventing runoff from doing damage.

Steep Slope Stabilization

The ConCover line of long-term and remediation covers are ideal for slope stabilization. From post-fire seeding to landfill excavation to soil remediation piles our covers can strengthen and protect any slope. Preventing erosion and water penetration as well as suppressing any vapors.

Fugitive Dust Suppression

Fugitive dust can be deadly especially in remediation project. Our covers have been used to control Asbestos and even radioactive dust particulate. Talk with a rep to learn more

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