Alternative Daily Covers

Why use a NWCI Cover?

New Waste Concepts has been making Covers for over 40 years. We were one of the first companies to develop the Alternate Daily Cover for the landfill  with the original ConCover line. Since then NWCI has the developed the most versatile and cost effective line of covers on the market today and our products are used across the globe at some of the biggest and cutting edge facilities in the world. With over 8 different covers designed to tackle specific environments in the most cost effective manner we are sure that we have a cover for you.

Introducing the ProGuard Line of ADC’s

ProGuard SB2

Developed as an easy to mix high-quality daily waste cover, ProGuard SB2 has become our biggest selling cover at a cost of less than $0.01 per square foot. Making ProGuard SB2 an unbeatable value.

As an entry level cover material, ProGuard SB can be used in a variety of short-term applications and can even be combined with any of our other products to produce an even more robust mix that can act as an intermediate cover at a lower cost. Designed to work in any machine and deliver consistent results, ProGuard SB2 is the goto cover if you want to get the job done well and at a price point that will raise some eyebrows.

ProGuard IIB+

Developed as an offering to fill the gap between ProGuard SB2 and ConCover SW. ProGuard IIB+ is a high quality yet budget-friendly intermediate cover or a turbocharged daily waste cover. ProGuard IIB Plus is the most durable and toughest alternative daily cover available. Incorporating higher chemical content and a matrix of fibers creates a product that binds together and helps to adhere itself to all substrates. The patented two-component system provides an effective barrier for H2S gases, and other odors emanating from landfills or contaminated sediment.

Reliable & Consistent Coverage

NWCI’s Alternative Daily Covers have been used by sites for over 40 years with consistent results and coverage. The flexibility of our product line allows for perfect mixture for the job. Rain or shine the ProGuard line of Daily Covers can get the job done.

Right Product for the Job

ProGuard is designed to be flexible for its end users. We realize that situations and environments change and a truly useful tool is one that can adapt to those changing circumstances. Thats why all of our ProGuard Products can be combined with other products to increase the strength, durability or hydrophobic properties of the ProGuard Cover.

Big rain storm coming? Toss in a bag of ConCover 180 and add a few gallons of HydraGuard and you have an enhanced version of a daily cover that will survive the

Why Use an ADC?

For over 40 years landfills have been using Alternate Daily Covers for the end of day working face cover. Why do they choose to use a spray applied cover? Some of our customer feel like using an ADC simplifies the end of day process, some say it’s about saving time, and other look at the operational savings gained when using an ADC. Management looks at the benefit of maximizing the revenue potential of a huge capital investment and maintaining a friendly neighbor policy by minimizing odors. The engineers use it because it results in a more even breakdown of the organics producing a higher quality gas and make it easier to extract too monetize. There are a 100 reason to use an ADC. The real question is why aren’t you?

Fuel, Depreciation, Interest, Taxes, Insurance, Maintenance & Labor

3 x the operating cost of spraying with a CAPS Machine

  • FUEL : The cost of fuel for operating the heavy equipment used to transport the and spread the soil is expensive. Estimated:  $6.65/hr times 3 machines or $19.95/hr
  • MAINTENANCE: the maintenance cost on yellow iron equipment that is used to move and place soil is Estimated:  $18.40 hr times 3 machines or $55.20
  • LABOR: labor necessary to operate the heavy equipment includes the cost of the excavator, transportation and spreading the soil.   Estimated to be $5.84 / hr times 3 machines
  • DEPRECIATION: Depreciation is the delivered cost of the machine divided over the life of the machine and is estimated to be for a CAT D8 in the range of $13.50 to $14 per hour times 3 or $42 per hour

Value of Space

When you are in the business of selling space you shouldn’t be throwing it away. Investing in a new cell is costly and requires hours and hours of design and public relations costs on top of the actual building of the new cell. Maximizing the space is why you spend millions on compactors so why not spend a few thousand on something that will increase your capacity and your bottom line?

Example Site Scenario

  • Working Face: 5000 sq. ft.

  • Tipping Fee: $36

  • Specific Density: 1200 lbs/yd3

  • Soil Depth: 10 inches

Operational Costs

Excavation & placement of soil for daily cover $148,036
Application of ProGuard SB2 $10,000

Void Space Savings

Annual value of lost air space used by SOIL $585,000
Cost of ProGuard SB2 to SAVE SPACE $20,000
Net Annual Savings $703,036

Increasing Compaction

In a study done with Veolia in the United Kingdom, using NWC’s ProGuard material helped INCREASE COMPACTION over a three year period by 109%

Compaction Over Time

Time Management

Time is a precious commodity today with Private Operators and Municipalities doing everything they can to preserve CASH and reduce overhead, while at the same time landfill volumes are not falling but growing.   Spending excess hours, moving and covering your working face with soil is a waste of time, capital and resources.     Time your team can be doing other mission critical projects.     NWCI offers daily cover and specialized equipment that can save time whether that is applying the daily cover, controlling odors, applying dust control to your haul roads and seeding.  NWCI is focused on helping you get it done faster and more efficiently.

Production of Gas & Stabilization of Landfill

In a 2 year study in Japan by the Institute of Environmental systems  or Kyushu University, and the Department of Civil Engineering of Fukuoka University, along with the Environmental Bureau of City of Fukuoka comparing NWCI’s daily cover material in a landfill versus the use of soil, and how soil impacts the flow of leachate and gas within the landfill.  The Study determined that a cover layer composed of soil, causes channeling in the movement of liquid within the landfill creating a region in which the stabilization of the waste is retarded as the result of the washing out and degrading of pollutants.   It was also confirmed that the use of a NWCI’s cover material allowed more inflow of oxygen into the solid waste layer and as a result is could be made more homogeneous.    The result of this allowed the acceleration of the production of gas as the waste mass becomes more homogeneous.

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