Introducing the CAPS Machine

Industrial Hydro Seeder for Landfills & Remediation Industries

What is a CAPS Machine

A CAPS Machine is an acronym for Cover All-Purpose Sprayer. It is a highly modified hydro-seeder designed specifically for mission critical environments like landfills and remediation sites. The CAPS Machine comes in three base series and a variety of capacities for each.

Which Machine is right for your needs?

STEP 1: Consider your budget and the type of system you want to maintain.

The CAPS line of products is about life cycle cost and maintenance. The EL or P series is the backbone NWC’s system for their Value and reliable component systems. The TM series is about cost, simplicity of mechanical components, and ease of maintenance. So consider the following:

Do you want mechanical drive system (belt drive agitation & gear pump) and lowest cost machine on market ? Choose the CAPS-TM series

Do you want hydraulic auger and PC pump driven system? Choose CAPS-EL or P series

Do you want stainless steel tank or standard steel tank ? Choose CAPS-EL series or P Series for Stainless Steel Tank / CAPS-TM series with standard steel tank

Do you want to minimize the number of people you need to operate your machine? Choose the P Series for the least labor intensive application process

STEP 2: Consider the factors that will lead you to what the tank size should be on the machine you want to order:

  • How often do you want to load the machine ? (every day – every other day) save labor with bigger machine
  • Do you want to use for controlling blowing litter to tack down litter during the day?
  • Will you use the machine for spray applying seed (hydro seeding) to outside slopes or other areas ? If so consider that the larger the machine size, the bigger the area you can cover without having to refill the machine.

STEP 3: Consider the configuration

Do you want either a custom mounted machine, Landfill carriage mounted machine, road-able trailer mounted machine or an all in one tracked vehicle. Consider what uses machine will be put to:

For landfill use only – choose the LCU, Custom mounted or the new track mounted machines

For Shared use with County for Seeding or Dust Control – consider road-able machine or custom mount

For applying cover to rail cars, or other waste transportation vehicles – consider custom mounted or road-able machine

For Remediation projects – consider either LCU, custom or road-able machine

STEP 4: Last step is to consider what package you want:

The Standard package is the bare minimum and does not include a hose reel and hose

The Extended package includes a hose reel

The SWAT package, in either the TF or RF configuration, extends the use of the machine to include odor, bird and dust control giving you a great added functionality


EL Series Features

The CAPS EL Series feature set is the result of listening to our customers over the past 20 years. When our team of engineers create a piece of equipment it goes through what we refer to as evolutions. Each of these evolutions are either enhancements or expanding on the base functionality of the machine. The CAPS EL Series has gone through numerous evolutions and as a result has a mature robust feature set unmatched by any other machine on the market today. Customer focused details is what New Waste Concepts is all about.

Feature Highlights

  • Articulating hitch for connection with towing vehicles
  • Stainless Steel Blending Tank
  • 300 Gallon Flush Tank
  • Our new “Spray Control Center” is ergonomically placed for efficient spraying and operation

  • Higher engine horse power and new and more efficient progressing cavity pump for longer spraying capabilities

  • Higher Ground Clearance and Heavy Duty Under Carriage
  • “Boat tail” spraying platforms-make it quicker and more efficient in higher wind conditions

Want to learn more?

Visit the CAPS EL Series Page for information on individual machine versions


TM Series Features

An Affordable, Tough and Reliable Blue Collar Solution


  • 200 ft of collapsible hose stored on a hand reel

  • Special high clearance trailer with unique spring axle
  • Alternate tower configuration to the standard ‘Boat Tail’ – Platform Tower without boat tail but with swivel cannon.

  • Suction option to draw water using gear pump from water supply truck when water supply truck does not have a pump.

  • Roadable – Mobile ready machine with lights and road tires with 28 inch ground clearance rear and 30 inches front

  • Skid or Custom Mounted on the machine or platform of your choice.

Want to learn more?

Visit the CAPS EL Series Page for information on individual machine versions