Odor Major

Bacteria & Enzymes – Hydrogen Sulfide odors, sulphur and nitrogen based odors


Have you ever smelled rotten eggs? or a sharp ammonia smell? New Waste Concept’s bacteria and enzyme based odor control products provides a powerful combination of fast acting chemical and selectively adapted bacteria for elimination of all types of odors. Odor Major is was specifically designed to be ultra effective against a variety of Sulfur and Nitrogen containing malorderous components, including Hydrogen Sulfide odors, Ammonia, Amines, and volatile fatty acids. Odor Major lets you say good bye to rotten eggs once and for all. It can be combines with several different lines of odor products. Please ask your sales engineer for more details

Product Specifications

Mixing Ratios
Topically : 0.5%-2% active solution in water
Misted : 0.25%-0.5% active solution (Continuous Misting)
Topically : 0.25%-1.5% active solution (Intermittent Misting)
Product Type
Bio-augmented Bacteria & Chemical Neutralizer
Application Types
Topically or Misted

Product Applications

It is one of the most versatile products NWC offers and can be used an a multitude of different ways. These are just some of them:
  • Landfills
  • Remediation Projects
  • Composting Operations

  • Sludge Haul Containers
  • Sludge Drying Beds
  • Sludge Thickening Operations

Product Codes | Sizes

OMJ-275275 gal. Tote
OMJ-05555 gal. Drum
OMJ-0055 gal. Pail
OMJ-0011 gal. Jug
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