Image DescriptionNew Waste Concepts developed the first Alternative Daily Cover for the Solid Waste Industry in 1987. Since that time NWC has worked with thousands of customers all over the globe developing cover to meet their needs.

Despite what you may have heard, or what others may have told you – no single cover can solve every problem. Depending upon your unique needs, we have the most robust and versatile lines of covers available in the Solid Waste and Remediation Industries – geared for your specific applications, environments and needs.

All NWC cover materials / environmental coatings and alternative daily covers are constructed of non-toxic, bio-degradable, and environmentally friendly materials. Unlike cement/mortar based (cementaceous) covers, which contain hazardous and carcinogenic materials, NWC’s covers are slurry-based – made primarily of food grade polymers and clays.

Our cover materials and ADC’s are also material neutral – giving them distinct advantages when used as delivery methods for other products. They won’t interact or cause unwanted or unintended consequences with other materials or in your leachate collection systems.

At NWC, we strongly believe in developing products for specific application situations – but always being flexible enough to integrate with our other products.

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The ProGuard line of environmental coatings / cover materials are designed to provide our customers with the options they need based on the way they operate their own site, the locations environment and the requirements of their regulator.

In choice of types, quality, durability and cost efficiency – ProGuard beats the competition hands-down.

Daily Covers

New Waste Concepts ProGuard delivers 3X the coverage of its clone competitors. Don’t let anyone say you have to sacrifice quality for price. You don’t – and ProGuard proves it. Choose what fits your needs, not what fits the salesperson’s order book.

ProGuard’s Enormous Advantages

You’re in the business of selling space for disposing household or hazardous waste. ProGuard’s most important benefits all relate to the economics of operating your landfill:

  • Lowest labor costs possible – less then a penny per square foot
  • Minimize one of your largest landfill operation expense items – Fuel
  • Extend the life of your largest capital investments – Equipment and Space
  • Accelerate waste stabilization, and reduce long term care costs
  • Accelerate gas production – thus improving your landfill’s renewable energy generation capabilities
  • Reduce your provisions expense – Financial set aside on a per ton basis to cover: Construction Costs, Closure Costs and Post Closure Care
  • Don’t waste valuable air space – ProGuard covers can save you 20% or more of your airspace when compared to soil.

Why settle for less, when the best covers available can actually save you money?

Thats why NWC’s ProGuard line of Alternate Daily Covers (ADC’s) are used at more sites worldwide then any other Alternative Daily Cover on the market today.

Intermediate Covers

Unlike other cover manufacturers, New Waste Concepts has actually developed covers specifically intended for intermediate use: ConCover SW and ProGuard IIB+.

In a landfill environment Intermediate covers are placed on previously active working faces that won’t be covered with waste for an extended period of time, typically from about 10 to 60 days or even longer. Environmental Engineers often use intermediate covers for a variety of remediation projects where suppression is critical but the duration of the cover does not need to last a long period of time.

ConCover SW and ProGuard IIB+ is both stronger and more durable then our daily covers, and less expensive per square foot then our longest term cover (ConCover 180 & ConCover 180NS). The ideal solution for your intermediate cover needs, ConCover SW can also be integrated with our SuperSeal 40 or HydraGuard additives, further extending the designed life of this intermediate use product line.

Why Use Intermediate Covers

Intermediate covers have traditionally consisted of a layer of soil, and in some circumstances included the use of an additional layer of plastic scrim or geotextile material. The reason for using intermediate covers are in part the same as those for using daily covers – controlling odors from contaminants,  blowing litter, vectors, fires, and suppressing fugitive dust, suppressing VOC’s.

In landfills

Soil is often used on slide slopes and is often graded for encouraging surface water run-off, however, this is a rather inefficient and time consuming process. Intermediate Covers are idea for this type usage especially when vegetation growth for erosion control is factored into the decision.ConCover SW and ProGuard IIB+ are the most economical solutions available – even under the most adverse and difficult environments.

Covering inactive areas of the landfill’s working face with ConCover SW or ProGuard IIB+ will economically reduce the amount of soil being used for cover, thus decreasing the amount of fuel, maintenance and labor used to operate heavy equipment for excavating, moving and placing this soil covering. Reducing operational costs, saving valuable air space, and increasing the specific density of the waste are the “no brainer” benefits of using intermediate covers as opposed to soil.

Remediation Projects

ConCover SW and ProGuard IIB+ have been used in remediation projects around the world for suppressing odors, controlling fugitive dust and controlling VOC’s. These intermediate covers are much cheaper then geotextile membranes and are much more durable then foams that are often used as substitutes

Long Term Covers

Specifically designed and manufactured for providing maximum length of service coverage in both difficult and extreme environments, these covers offer the ultimate in protection – and at a fraction of the cost of temporary geotextile or plastic seam and welded cover materials.

ConCover 180 & ConCover 180NS is simpler to apply and easier to maintain than other products on the market. ConCover 180NS is the latest addition to our long term cover line and it provides a similar cover to ConCover 180 but does not have a set time making it ideal for situations where your not sure when your going to spray.

The ConCover 180 line is ideally suited for suppressing odors from contaminated sediments, these high performance cover excels at minimizing ingress of oxygen into methane collecting cells, as well as restricting water access with its impermeability rating of 10-7 .

Who Uses our Long Term Covers?

ConCover Long Term Covers are specifically approved by Federal and State regulatory agencies, including:

  • The US Army Corp of Engineers
  • The Department of Energy
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Individual State EPAs
  • Department of Defense
  • and more!

Known in the remediation business for its quality, consistency and durability as compared to other covers, ConCover 180 is the preferred brand over any of our competition.

Environmental engineering firms, superfund sites and hazardous and MSW landfill sites – all choose us for their long term cover needs.

Of course, these extremely tough and resilient covers are compatible with any of our cover additives like HydraGuard which can actually make them even stronger, last longer, suppress better, and resist water

Plus, as with all our other covers, ConCover 180 is 100% green. Its material neutral construction significantly encourages vegetation growth for controlling erosion.

For your long term cover needs, you simply won’t find a finer product.

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Product Applications

  • Alternativee Daily Cover in landfills
  • Side Slopes in landfills
  • Soil Remediation Projects
  • Odor Control for Remediation Projects
  • Slope Erosion Control
  • Fugitive Dust Suppression
  • VOC Suppression
  • HydroSeeding

Average Product Cost /Sq. ft

ProGuard Ultra$0.006
ProGuard SB2$0.007
ProGuard IIB$0.015
ProGuard IIB+$0.015
ConCover SW$0.044
ConCover 180NS$0.071
ConCover 180$0.083
Irish Blend (Additive)+$0.005 more
HydraGuard (Additive)+$0.01 more
SuperPlus (Additive)+$0.015 more

Available Cover Materials & Additives