Odor Ranger

Bacteria & Enzymes – Institutional & Industrial Odor Control


Odor ranger is one of our most popular odor fighting products. Its a blend of special bacteria + surfactants and is a superb cleaner for institutional, office or industrial settings. This engineered product combines the fast action of chemistry with the long term benefits of microbes. The Odor Ranger captures and destroys odors by first, instantly binding the odor causing molecules, then through the use of a proprietary microbial team, devour the bound odor molecules. The bacteria continue to consume the offending odor source long after it has been applied. The Odor Ranger is the result of intensive research and development to produce an industrial odor control and cleaner that goes well beyond the capability of other products on the market

To prevent the return of the odor, specialized microbes convert the odor-causing organics to benign cellular components plus odorless carbon dioxide and water. This combined chemical and microbial effect makes the Odor Ranger a powerful , yet safe and environmentally friendly odor controller.

Product Specifications

Mixing Ratios
Topically : 0.25%-2% active solution
Product Type
Bio-Augmented Bacteria
Application Types
Topically or Misted
Additional Info
Product State – Liquid
Concentrations – 200 Billion per Gal.

Product Applications

  • Garbage Bins
  • Waste Roll-Off Boxes
  • Waste Compactors
  • Pet Odors & Mistakes

  • Waste Baskets
  • Kitchen Floors
  • Water Damaged Carpet
  • Dumpsters

Product Codes | Sizes

OR-275275 gal. Tote
OR-05555 gal. Drum
OR-0055 gal. Pail
OR-0011 gal. Jug
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