Why is sustainability important to us

New Waste Concepts is focused on continuing our leadership role within the sustainability movement. While we continue to make advancements in sustainable products, we are making adjustments in our operations to reduce our carbon footprint as well. At New Waste Concepts we are active sustainability participants, not just a product and equipment manufacturer. In 2012, NWC began a process of retrofiting our offices and manufacturing plant with new lighting, new air system and developed a resource and material usage plan.

Some of the highlights of what we have achieved are as follows:
  • 60% of New Waste Concepts property remains naturally vegetated
  • Recycling program for production, office and employee waste
  • All Products are shipped when available via UPS Green

  • Zero GHG Emissions embedded in every gallon of our Odor Products
  • > 50% of our literature is now sent in electronic form only
  • Our evaporation technology is based on electric motor technologies

Our Green Products

ConCover® & ProGuard® Line

The ConCover and ProGuard line of Environmental Covers are designed to be environmentally neutral and are 100% non-toxic and biodegradable.

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Odor Battalion® Line

New Waste Concepts line of odor control products are developed using chemistries found in nature and are completely non-toxic.

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Typhoon & Tornado Series®

The Typhoon and Tornado Series motors are designed to maximize efficiency at an extremely low energy usage amounts.

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