Solid Waste Industry

New Waste Concepts has been successfully serving the Solid Waste Industry for over 30 years. NWC introduced one of the first ADC’s to the solid waste market in 1987 and since that time New Waste Concepts has become a trusted partner with the Solid Waste Industry around the globe. Today NWC provides solutions for 100’s of sites around the globe. If your looking for a solution to a problem or want to reduce your operating costs, chances are NWC has a solution for you.

Here are some of the ways NWC can help:

In the Landfills
Solid Waste Landfill


Landfills are a demanding and rough environment. New Waste Concepts has been developing products and equipment for landfills for over 30 years. We work with our clients to continually improve our products and equipment and as a result have one of the most robust solution sets in the industry for landfills. We even provide management services for those sites who wish to outsource some of these duties.

Alternative Daily Covers for the Working Face

By law landfills have to cover their working face on a daily basis. Using dirt takes up valuable space and can be expensive to haul and spread across the working face. It was this reason NWC invented one of the first Cover Materials and has continued to improve and offer a wide variety of covers to meet the different needs of a landfill operator. ProGuard IIB, ProGuard Ultra (our liquid Cover), ProGuard IIB+ and our latest ADC ProGuard SB2 the least expensive cover on the market today at a cost of less then $0.007 cents per square foot. All the products work with any of our additives like HydraGuard if rain or harsh weather become an issue

Our CAPS EL Series machines are some of the most innovative hydro-seeders available on the market today. The Landfill Carriage Unit is designed to withstand the beating a landfill can give it and it also includes several other features that will make applying a cover a lot more convenient.

Seeding, Erosion Control & Slope Stabilization

New Waste Concepts covers are ideal for use in stabilizing steep slopes and seeding on those slopes and around the landfill. Often a one of our Daily Covers is good enough to do general seeding around the landfill but in more critical areas and areas that require a cover to last longer New Waste Concepts recommends one of its Intermediate Covers like our ConCover SW or a Long-Term Cover like our ConCover 180 or ConCover 180NS. These are ideal for preventing erosion on the side slopes of landfills and above haul roads. You can extend the life of the cover by adding an additive like HydraGuard

For Seeding New Waste Concepts Covers Materials are ideal mediums to grow grass. The Entrained air act as water reservoirs for the seed as it begins to germinate. When dry they encapsulate and protect the seed. This allows successful seeding and extremely high germination rates even in extreme weather conditions.

Working Face Odor Control

New Waste Concepts team of scientists and engineers have developed several odor control agents specifically designed to eliminate odors found in landfills. NWC’s bacteria and enzyme populated products use microorganisms that are prequalified populations engineered to work on various types of odor causing organics in the landfill. These type of technologies typically eliminate the root cause of the odors instead of masking them. We also have developed a line of Chemical Neutralizers that can also be used in the Landfill environment. Our most popular product for landfills currently is Odor Sergeant which has an secondary benefit of controlling birds.

New Waste Concepts also produces some of the most innovative Misting Equipment on the Market today and many of our mobile Misting Platforms like the SWAT TF-500 or the Hurricane LINK can be placed in strategic spots around the working face to take advantage of breezes etc.

Perimeter Misting Equipment

New Waste Concepts Misting Equipment like the Hurricane LINK can be used as a perimeter misting system. The Hurricane is available in a mount configuration which is a stand alone misting head that can be mounted on poles around the perimeter of the landfill. The clog free “Hurricane” misting basket design reduces maintenance and increases up time and gives users a better ROI

Lechate Evaporation

New Waste Concepts “Typhoon” saturation basket technology is one of the most innovative advances in misting technology in years. Originally designed to evaporate drilling muds our technology won’t clog and is the only truly scaleable misting platform available on the market today. Our systems have been scaled up to push 1000’s of gallons of moisture.

Bird & Dust Control

New Waste Concepts provides some of the best dust control products available to landfills. HydraGuard is the ideal product for controlling dust on haul roads, ash pile, and other areas around the landfill. It also doubles as an additive to your daily cover to increase resistance to extreme weather events. Mix in your water truck or into your daily cover our clients have found a ton of uses for HydraGuard.

Bird Control is another service we provide our customers. Products like the Screamin’ Eagle are a huge advantage over traditional Falconers and a better ROI. Combined with some of our bird control products and the misting equipment to deliver the products, new waste concepts has developed one of the most effective Bird Control Programs on the market today.

In Recycling Center


Controlling Odors

New Waste Concepts provides key solutions for Recycling Center in the Solid Waste Industry. Our odor control products and dust control products some of which are ideally suited to the unique environment of a recycling center.

Our indoor Tornado Misting Fan head can easily be placed or hung from a celling. It uses the same “Hurricane” misting basket technology as our larger units use. For large facilities the Hurricane Series is a perfect fit. This equipment can also be used to deliver the odor or dust control products needed. The “Hurricane” misting basket will take less maintenance, run longer and give you a higher return on your investment.

In the Transfer Station


Odor and Dust Control at Transfer Stations

Transfer Stations are busy and demanding environments. Waste is brought in from across a large area and then emptied on a floor and then separated. With certain waste types being assigned to go to multiple destinations based on the type of waste. New Waste Concepts provides key solutions for Transfer Stations in the Solid Waste Industry. These are high paced and demanding environments, our odor control products and dust control products excel in an environment like this and are used often in conjunction with our misting equipment.

Our indoor Tornado F4 Misting Fan head can easily be placed/mounted or hung from a celling/wall or railing and effectively control dust and odor issues.  The Tornado uses the same “Hurricane” misting basket technology as our larger fan units. One of the benefits of this technology is that you have precise control over the flow of moisture out of the misting head. This eliminates often dangerous puddling and allows for a more efficient operation. Our larger misting platforms like the Hurricane Series have been used in some facilities as well.

In the Composting Facility


Odor Control at Composting Facilities

Compost facilities are unique environments where they encourage natural decay and breakdown of materials which then can be reused. As a result often this process creates horrific odors problems for employees and neighbors. New Waste Concepts Odor control products like Odor Sergeant help speed up the breakdown AND help control odors in the most demanding environment. NWC’s cover materials are ideal for longer term odor control and controlling gases

Our Mobile misting platforms are ideal for compost facilities to use to deliver the odor control product to the compost. The SWAT TF-500 and the Hurricane Series have been successfully used in these environments.

In Railcars


Odor Control and Covers at Rail Yards

Railcars are often used to transport waste either to a landfill or an incinerator plant. One of the biggest barriers to hauling waste is the odor as it passes through residential areas. New Waste Concepts has developed several odor control products that have been used successfully in these applications. Alternatively several of our customers use our cover materials to suppress odors and prevent debris in open cars from coming out.

Our staff of engineers have designed equipment specifically tailored to dealing with rail cars and the unique requirements needed to maintain operations and not slow down the process. If your interested in finding out more please contact NWC and they can tailor a solution specifically for your needs