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Misting Equipment - Misting SystemsNew Waste Concepts engineers have designed, built and tested hundreds of  Mobile Misting Platforms, Fixed Indoor misting equipment and Fixed Perimeter misting equipment. Over the years we have built misting systems for landfills, transfer stations, rail car facilities, agricultural business, composting facilities, recycling centers and many more.. It was early on we noticed that the technology hadn’t changed very much over the past 30 years. The same fixed nozzle designs were being used by our competition over and over again.. At first we were hesitant to break away from what was the standard but we felt that the draw backs of designing around fixed nozzle technology was just too limiting and we didnt want to develop systems that included what we considered a inferior product and slap our name on it.

So we began researching and partnered with a company who was developing amazing technology specifically for misting and evaporation. Together we have designed systems that are changing how people think about misting and New Waste Concepts is the only licensed solution provider for this technology.

The Misting Basket was the result of the partnership between these 2 companies. It seems like a simple idea. Use centrifugal force to force water through a spinning screen to create a mist. Great in theory but would it work in the industries that NWC serviced?  After months and months of testing and refining the design we found that it exceeded our expectations.One of the biggest advantages we found was control.

Unprecedented Control

The basic ways to have control over an atomized mist is to control the size of the particles. Controlling the particle size allows you to control how far a particle travels and how long it takes to hit the ground. In a fixed nozzle system the only way to control particle size is to switch out nozzles and due to the nature of fixed nozzles you still get a large variety in particle sizes.

Misting Basket technology controls the particle size two ways:

  • Misting Basket Head Size – The misting basket comes in a 6″ and 12″ Head. The 6″ head would be used in situations where you want extremely low travel distance because it creates much larger particles. The larger head and more common for misting produces a finer mist.
  • Flow rate of Moisture – You can fine tune the particle size with a misting basket by adjusting the flow rate of moisture to the basket. This allows you to dial in a very precise micron size for your particles. Lowering the flow rate of the moisture to the misting basket will make the particle size get smaller. To increase particle size you increase the flow to the basket. It’s that easy. ( SEE IMAGE ABOVE)

Advantage of a Narrow Bell Curve

Misting Baskets offer unheard of precision in the size of the particle you wish to produce but they also offer another advantage over fixed nozzle systems. Misting Baskets by design concentrate a larger portion of the total moisture they expel in a precise size. This results in a much narrower band to which the moisture is released. If you were to graph it, it would look like a very narrow bell curve. Meaning a high percentage of the moisture is the size you want.
Fixed Nozzle systems have a very wide bell curve in the size of particles they emit (SEE IMAGE ABOVE). From 20 microns to 150microns and are pretty evenly spread into a wide curve. This means that if your trying to limit the distance the particles travel due to composition or safety reasons you have a problem because a good percentage of those particles are small enough to travel a lot further then intended. Misting basket technology has a very narrow bell curve so most of the moisture atomized is in a very small range in size ensuring that the particles are traveling exactly how far you want them too.. Safe and efficient (SEE IMAGE ABOVE)

How do we power it?

The next step was to find an efficient and reliable way to power it. After 1000’s of hours of testing we settled on two basic designs. The first a hydraulic driven unit with a motor capable of spinning the basket upwards of 5000 rpm’s for extremely heavy flow or larger splatter patterns. The Second design was a powered by standard electric drive motor that spun the misting basket at a little over 3500 rpm’s. By going with Two designs we can offer our clients a system optimized for their particular situation/use.

Choosing the right Fan Technology

Finding the right type of fan to blow the mist over large areas is just as important as developing the actually object that creates the mist. New Waste Concepts has developed several models each using different technologies including different fans. We use Tangetial Fan’s to cover wider areas and for mists with high moisture content. Radial fan’s are used to push long distances in a narrow range or to produce more thrust. Our experts work with you to determine what fan type and model work best for your operations and whether your using it to control Dust, Odors, Birds etc..

Misting Equipment Lines and Custom Development

Below you will find several of the Models of Misting Equipment we manufacture. Please be aware that these are ones we sell as a product line. We have developed and built custom systems for many of our clients and if you have a specific need that one of our current machines can not meet we can build one. For a more detailed explanation on our misting systems we recommend speaking with one our our misting experts.

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If your interested in seeing one of our Misting Systems out at your site please send us a demo request form and we will schedule a time to visit and show you just how effective, flexible and reliable NWC’s misting equipment can be.

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Zero Clogging (Video)

Our Misting Basket technology has been used in a lot of different applications but one application that really stands out for us to demonstrate the difference between our technology and a fixed nozzle is evaporating Mud. Watch Now!!

NWC Lease Program

NWC’s fleet of Misting equipment are leased on a monthly basis ideal for remediation and short term odor and dust problems.  If your interested in finding out more about the Misting Lease Program give us a call or click the link below.

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Product Applications

  • Evaporating Lechate
  • Mining & Construction Operations (Dust)
  • Landfills (Odors & Birds)
  • Composting Facilities (Odors)
  • Transfer Stations (Odors & Dust)
  • Animal Processing Facilities
  • Railcars
  • Mills & Manufacturing Plants
  • And Many More…

Misting Basket Advantages

Zero to Low Maintenance – Misting Baskets are not susceptible to clogging like fixed nozzle systems. Its so powerful the oil industry uses it to evaporate drilling mud.

Extreme Durability – Electrical and Hydraulic Motors can run for extremely long periods of time

Independently Controlled Moisture Flow – Flow of moisture is not dependent on nozzle size just the flow of water to the basket and easily adjustable.

Cost Effective Scaling – Fixed nozzle systems are based on pressure and space  Basket technology is scaleable up to 100’s of gallons per minute and beyond

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