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In Sampson County North Carolina, New Waste Concepts was asked to develop and install a semi-fixed position leachate evaporation system capable of evaporating up to 30,000 gallons of leachate a day. There were several unique challenges that our team faced as we designed and installed this large of a evaporation system. First and foremost the leachate that was to be misted needed to be moved to an area deemed safe to mist on. The Landfill planned on loading the Leachate into a CAT Water Truck several times a day and feed the Typhoon Evaporation heads from the water truck.

NWC created a line of 10 Typhoon Link Evaporation Heads evenly spaced to disperse the liquid into the largest volume of air possible. This minimized the chance of over-saturation and allows a much higher percentage of the moisture to actually evaporate. The particle size were dialed in so they didnt travel excessive distances and a flow rate that matched the average temperature and humidity for that area. The results were that almost no liquid reached the ground and no moisture left the immediate area. This type of control is not possible for a fixed nozzle fan driven system. Check out the Pictures and video or to learn more about our evaporation systems click here.

Video From the Installation