NWCI has developed globally patented products focused on saving space in landfills and for protecting the environment on a cost effective basis when cleaning up sediments contaminated with hazardous materials. Its innovative solutions meet specific needs of the environmental and landfill management industry. New Waste Concepts has been in business since 1987, and started NWC·UK in 2005 to begin the process of manufacturing product and machinery in the UK.

With reducing landfill and protecting the environment of paramount importance, one innovative company taking a lead in these areas is New Waste Concepts UK,a subsidiary of NWCI based in Devon.

With landfills today under greater scrutiny and the cost to dispose of a cubic metre of waste increasing, NWC UK products are being seen as a cost effective alternative to using soil as daily cover.

It 2stimates that by using soil a landfill wastes or throws away about 20% of the space it built. However, NWC products save nearly 99% of that waste and use recycled paper, clays and polymers to create an equivalent layer of cover that controls odours, blowing litter, fires and assists in controlling vectors.

The odour control ability of the product comes from its film forming capabilities which restrict and suppress the escaping of volatile organic compounds and odour molecules that are attached to the methane gas that is also escaping from the surface of the landfill, while the blowing litter is controlled because the naturally occurring glues and polymers in the product make the pieces of litter sticky enough to keep them glued together even in high winds.

Another advantage is the use of newsprint which is generally at the bottom of the recycling chain. The newsprint with some of the other fibrous materials that are mixed in create a bonded matrix which holds the materials together once they are mixed in water and have formed a viscous slurried material.

These products are already being used effectively in Japan, Canada, United States and parts of the UK, and NWC UK believes there is great potential for the product range here in the north and south of Ireland. Indeed, landfill demonstrations have been carried out in both the UK and Ireland with major waste contractors, and the company is hoping local authorities and landfill managers will also consider a demonstration or trial period.

For more information, log on to www.nwci.com or telephone 01395 233860.