Environmental Remediation Overview

New Waste Concepts has been successfully serving the Environmental Industry for over 30 years. NWC developed ConCover 180 as an alternative for suppressing VOC’s and fugitive dust in the late 80’s and since that time New Waste Concepts has become a trusted partner with the Environmental Industry around the globe. Today NWC provides remediation solutions for some of the largest and most critical hazardous sites and remediation projects on the planet. If your looking for a solution that has to work then chances are NWC  has a solution for you.

Here are some of the ways NWC can help:

VoC & Odor Suppression
Remediation Projects are a demanding and even dangerous environment. New Waste Concepts has developed a reputation as one of the leading suppliers of technologies to control VOC’s and Odors in heavily restricted sites across the globe. Two of the largest Remediation projects in North America, the Sydney Tar Pond Project in Nova Scotia and the Hudson River Project use NWC Environmental Covers every single day.

Cover Materials

New Waste Concepts Environmental Covers meet even the most stringent standards and often exceed the requirements set by the contractor or regulatory body. NWC has several remediation covers to choose from depending on your requirements. ConCover 180, ConCover SW are two of our most popular and effective Environmental Covers used in the remediation market. Additives like HydraGuard and SuperPlus can make the products even stronger and more resistant.

Chemical Neutralizers

Several of our odor control products have also been used in environmental clean up operations to successfully reduce VOC’s and Odors at a site. Odor Lieutenant and Odor Corporal both chemical neutralizers can impact and reduce VOC’s and Odors.

Equipment Choices

Several of our odor control products and our cover materials either require or can be used with our equipment. NWC’s line of misting systems are ideal for delivering the chemistry and bacterias to the source of the odors. These are some of the most efficient and reliable machines on the market today. Our CAPS Series cover application machines are designed to spray any of our remediation cover materials whether it be an Long-term or Intermediate Cover. These machines are available for Lease on a month by month basis. Avoid the investment requirement and enjoy a machine that outperforms just about any machine on the market today.

To learn more about how NWC can help you on your next remediation project please contact one of our representatives and one of our Engineers will work with you on finding the right product and machine to meet your needs.

Fugitive Dust Control


Fugitive dust from contaminated sediments can be extremely dangerous and controlling them is a common problem faced by environmental engineers. Asbestos, PCB’s, nitrogen based contamination, explosive waste propellents and radioactive materials like those found in military firing ranges are all examples of dangerous materials that can harm or kill people.

New Waste Concepts has been involved in remediation projects specifically to control dangerous fugitive dust from contaminated sediments. Our ConCover 180 is currently being used on the Hudson River Project to control fugitive dust on stockpiles of soil with PCB’s. It was used in MacGregor Texas during a tex a munitions plant clean up and it has been used on exposed soils during the excavation of an asbestos landfill in New Jersey.

Cover Materials

New Waste Concepts has developed several products to meet the needs of environmental engineers dealing with remediation projects involving fugitive dusting. Cover materials like ConCover 180, ConCover SW, RazCover as well as some of our additives like HydraGuard (which can be used as a stand-alone product or as an additive) or SuperSeal 40

Equipment Choices

NWC’s cover application machines are some of the most reliable and efficient machines available on the market today. Designed specifically to spray any of our cover materials the CAPS EL Series machines are developed specifically to make your team more efficient, reliable and safe. Our equipment is available for lease on a month to month basis for those who wish to avoid the capital investment necessary to buy a machine and our team can train you on the use of the equipment in a very short time.

For more information please contact one of our representatives to learn more about our fugitive dust solutions.

Bioremediation of Contaminated Sediments


Contaminated Sediments where bioremediation solutions work typically arises from the failure caused by corrosion of underground storage tanks (including piping used to transmit the contents) and oil/fuel dumping. The most common types of chemicals involved are petroleum hydrocarbons.

New Waste Concepts has long been a leader in developing solutions for these types of remediation projects and has developed a variety of solutions for its customers over the years

Hydrocarbon contamination

New Waste Concepts has developed specific solutions for Hydrocarbon contamination in multiple environments. NWC’s Bacteria and Enzyme technology involve the bioremediation of the soil. Bioremediation is the use of micro-organism metabolism to remove pollutants. These microbe strains and sometimes fungi breakdown the contaminants at an accelerated pace. The advantage of these “In Situ” solutions are that they are typically less expensive then removing and disposing of the soil elsewhere.

Bacteria & Enzyme Brigade®

Our team of engineers and scientists work with our clients by matching microbe & fungi strains to the medium in which the contaminants reside to accelerate and ensure the successful breakdown of the hydrocarbon contaminants. Our Odor Captain line of Bacteria & Enzyme technology is ideal for these type of clean ups. For more information and help deciding on which product meets your needs please contact a representative

Encapsulation of Contaminated Sediments


Soils are the major sink for heavy metals released into the environment by a variety anthropogenic activities and unlike organic contaminants which are oxidized, most metals do not undergo microbial or chemical degradation, and their total concentration in soils persists for a long time after their introduction. They can often cause risk to humans due to ingestion or their release into the water table.


One of New Waste Concepts latest products is called Duramend which fixates heavy metals in the soil so they do not leech into the ground water. This product was used in a project in hunan china where they found heavy concentrations of heavy metals in a river bed. Duramend successfully locked away the heavy metals and isolated them.


New Waste Concepts developed AquaBloc as a solution to control contaminated sediments at the bottom of a highly polluted river. The client wanted to find a way to seal away the contaminated materials from the water flowing in the river. Thus AquaBloc was born. To do this AquaBloc is transported to the site and then the river bed is covered with this material. Once wet the material expands and fills the gaps and seals the contaminated sediments away by creating an impermeable barrier. It is faster and more cost effective then dredging and hauling the material back to the shore and processed. To learn more about our AquaBloc technology please contact a representative

Encapsulation of Radioactive Sediments


Contaminated Sediments typically arises from the failure caused by one of two things. Nuclear disasters like what recently happened in Japan and clean up of depleted uranium in post combat environments as well as military firing ranges.

The concern over soil contamination stems primarily from health risks, from direct contact with the contaminated sediments, Fugitive Dusting of the Materials (See Fugitive Dust Suppression Above) and from secondary contamination of water supplies within and underlying the soil

New Waste Concepts has been involved in 100’s of projects specifically focused on removing, controlling or encapsulating contaminated sediments. NWC has developed a variety of solutions.

Instacote® on Equipment

NWC developed a polymer material that could be used to spray on equipment being used in heavily radioactive areas. This material would prevent the rusting of the machine and remove the potential for dusting of contaminated equipment. It also simplifies cleaning/decontamination of the equipment buy allowing the material to be peeled off and disposed of with the radioactive isotopes attached to the polymer and not the equipment. Instacote is used around the world in many settings including being used as a liner in reactor pools, bed liners, automobile dashboards, etc.. For more information on Instacote please feel free to contact a representative

Cover Materials for Dusting

NWC’s cover materials are ideal for controlling potential radioactive fugitive dust on clean up sites. ConCover 180 with the HydraGuard additive is one of the most rugged and resistant cover materials on the market today. It has been used in a variety of extremely high risk environments with a track record of success. Lasting over 2 years, ConCover 180 with HydraGuard is the idea solution for controlling potential problems in a extreme high risk area.