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Fugitive Dust Control

Fugitive dust from contaminated sediments can be extremely dangerous and controlling them is a common problem faced by many environmental engineers. Asbestos, PCB’s, nitrogen based contamination, explosive waste propellents and radioactive materials like those found in military firing ranges are all examples of dangerous materials that can harm or kill people.

New Waste Concepts has been involved in projects specifically to control dangerous fugitive dust from contaminated sediments. Our ConCover 180 is currently being used on the Hudson River Project to control fugitive dust on stockpiles of soil with PCB’s. It was used in MacGregor Texas during a Naval munitions plant clean up and it has been used on exposed soils during the excavation of an asbestos landfill in New Jersey.

High Traffic/Traditional Dust Control

These are all primarily based on using our cover materials to control dust but in some situations a cover material is just too expensive and isn’t practical in situations where we are talking about just normal dirt dust etc.. It was for that reason New Waste Concepts developed a liquid polymer that can be mixed in a water tank and be used in more traditional dust control settings. Haul roads at landfills, construction projects, high traffic yards are just a few of the places NWC’s liquid polymer excels. It also can be used to enhance the durability of NWC’s line of cover materials


  • Binds fine dust into large enough sizes the dust does not go airborne
  • Environmentally friendly chemistries won’t destroy your roads
  • can be used to create a moisture resistant film on stock piles
  • it’s multi-functionality allows it to be mixed in many alternate cover materials
  • Designed to last up to 4x longer then traditional dust control products
  • ideal for high traffic areas such as haul roads.

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