New Waste Concept’s magazine articles and testimonials section aggregates all of previously published articles on any of our products and equipment. We provide short descriptions and provide links to a pdf formatted copy of the article.

Magazine Articles

Landfill Used Plant from India for clean disposal of Lechate
Leachate is a pain. The liquid produced when water (usually from precipitation) drains through a landfill can be a toxic cocktail of dissolved or suspended metals, salts and other chemicals. It looks nasty, smells even worse and, if not handled properly, has the potential to contaminate ground
World Waste Magazine- Effective Use of Space
Soil may not be an ideal landfill daily cover material as it can take up valuable space. Where landfill space is scarce and tipping fees can generate significant income, landfill managers may consider using space-saving alternatives.
MSW Magazine – How to Keep Stink Out of Your Landfill
Morning sun, warming the earth, greets workers at the local landfill. Misty wafts of fog float above, just at the horizon, revealing the yellowish grey haze of the natural processes taking place. The smells and scents carried by the breeze represent daily challenges to the MSW industry.
MSW Magazine – Article on H2S gas odor control at Casella Waste
Good Defenses Make Good Neighbors. Controlling dust, debris, and odors before there are complaints can make many landfills good neighbors.
Waste Advantage Magazine – Article on Screamin’ Eagle on Newby Island
Bird Control for airports and landfills offer a significant challenge because these areas offer a great source..


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