Who is New Waste Concepts, Inc.?

What we do

It is the mission of New Waste Concepts to work closely with our clients to develop products, equipment and operational services that solve the unique problems they face on a daily basis in a simple, reliable and cost effective manner.

How we do it?
By investing more then twice the national average in research and development.

Our R & D investment is the cornerstone of NWCI’s ability to deliver advanced engineered products and equipment. Backed by more than 50 engineers, chemists and analysts from North America’s most respected environmental firms, New Waste Concepts is dedicated to producing a broad spectrum of technically advanced systems.

Golden Rule: Simple, Reliable, and Cost-effective

Everything we do at New Waste Concepts is based on providing our clients with solutions that embody those 4 words. Engineered for safety, reliability and efficiency, New Waste Concepts products offer ease of application and superior performance under all climactic conditions while NWC’s equipment is some of the most durable and innovative in the industry today.

We listen to our customers

Our clients are extremely important to us and we spend a significant amount of time listening, interviewing and working with them to develop solution that meet their unique needs as well as improve our current products and equipment.

Whom do we do it for

The top environmental engineering firms in the world trust New Waste Concepts products for some of the biggest project they have. We have been partners with companies like CH2M Hill, URS Corp, AECOM, Shaw and many more for decades

New Waste Concepts products and services have been used successfully at 1000’s of sites. Just a few highlights below:

What value do we bring

The combination of extensive environmental knowledge, a broad spectrum of innovative products and outstanding customer service has made New Waste Concepts the preferred source for landfills, composting facilities, engineering firms, and remediation contractors. Some of the best-managed municipal solid waste sites, composting facilities, hazardous waste sites and Superfund sites across the United States and around the world rely upon our products.

Constantly Innovating

A constant influx of talent and expertise has allowed NWC to expand product lines and equipment to new markets as a result NWC has become a key partner with some of the largest energy, livestock processing, and oil and gas companies on the planet

Engineered for safety, reliability and efficiency, New Waste Concepts products offer ease of application and superior performance under all climactic conditions while NWC’s equipment is some of the most durable and innovative in the industry today.

With over 36 years of experience in providing solutions our experts will help your company design and implement a program that meets the goals you specify. We create a support system for our clients that make working with NWC a great experience from start to to finish and beyond

Our History

New Waste Concepts, Inc. was founded in 1987 in Toledo, Ohio as Newastecon Inc.   Born out of the Federal Subtitle D and CERCLA legislation, The founding shareholders became pioneers in the environmental industry by being the first company to engineer and patent a product to be used specifically as an alternative daily cover. It was considered innovative, bold and risky because the term ADC was newly created only in the legislation.  There were no regulators, nor a single customer that could define what an ADC was.   Today ADC materials have become part of the daily operation of a landfill and represent a wide range of alternate products.   Over the 25 years of NWCI’s existence, it has continued to develop a broad range of cover materials making sure that they continued to be cost effective for its customer base.  Patented specialty and extremely durable long term covers offer up to 2 years of durability. This diversity not only solidified NWC’s position as a leader in remediation covers, but they also set the standard for landfill covers.

In the early 90′s New Waste Concepts began to better understand what it was selling.  We no long just sold a cover or odor control product line but we sold a process to meet Federal and State standards.  That process included offering it’s clients equipment specifically designed to apply cover materials in a landfill. NWC’s R&D team would customize hydroseeders to add more functionality and make applying covers much easier. Today many of the features you find on the average hydroseeder were designed and tested by New Waste Concepts, Inc.

As time passed NWC continued to innovate, introducing the ProGuard line of ADC’s while its R&D team began working on big ideas like: How to accelerate the stabilization process of a landfill? How do you produce a cleaner gas from a bio-reactor? This resulted in New Waste Concepts expanding it’s product line to include chemical neutralizers and bacteria & enzyme technologies used for controlling odors, birds.

Soon after NWC began researching and comparing delivery systems for the chemistries they had devised and found that the traditional method of fixed nozzles was antiquated and extremely inefficient. Thus the development of the Tornado rotary Misting Head in either a hydraulic or electric version, and the equipment platforms which used the rotary misting head:  the Hurricane, the SWAT Odor Control machine, and the Tornado misting system

Today NWC is leading the way again on Evaporation technology. It is the only manufacturer of a leachate evaporation system that can be scaled up or down to meet the customers needs without increasing cost per treatable gallon or liter.   It is also the only system designed around specific droplet sizes to maintain environmental control over drift of particle so your leachate droplets are not traveling off site.  The Typhoon Evaporation Technology is a cost effective and efficient process for disposing of or minimizing the amount of treatable leachate.   The Typhoon  maintains an efficiency rating of about 70%.

New Waste Concepts has proven over the years it has always been ahead of the curve and our goal is to continue that tradition and we move further into the 21st century.

Our Valuable Team Members

Milton F. Knight
Milton F. KnightCEO/President
Is one of the founders and developers of the Original ConCover. He has spent the last 30 years growing NWC to an industry leader.
Margie Campbell
Margie CampbellV.P. of Sales
Margie Campbell is a industry veteran and former head of the Women’s Council. Margie has 30 years of expertise in cover materials and their application.
Alan Wolfe
Alan WolfeDesign Engineer
Alan Wolfe has worked with NWC for over 20 years. He has been the lead developer on all of our equipment..
Qi Wang PhD
Qi Wang PhDGeneral Engineer
Works for our subsidiary in China, the 5LNWCI Environmental Technologies (Shenzhen) Inc. He is a senior expert in Solid Waste Management and Soil/Sediment Remediation

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