Tornado: F4

A Single Tornado Fan Head Unit Ideal for Indoor and Industrial Applications


The Tornado F4 Misting Head is the atomization technology behind all our Misting Systems. It produces a precise atomized mist which is often pushed by one of our delivery fan systems. As one of a few licensed solution provider and the only delivery system developer for this revolutionary technology NWCI has an intimate knowledge on the advantages of the Tornado misting engines and why it’s having such a large impact on so many different industries.

Our Tornado F4: Misting Engines are available as a stand-alone units which are ideal for indoor use in mines, animal processing facilities, transfer stations, recycling centers, manufacturing plants, or even mounted on other equipment such as conveyor belts and grinders.ideal for indoor use in mines, animal processing facilities, transfer stations, recycling centers, manufacturing plants, or even mounted on other equipment such as conveyor belts and grinders.

How it Works

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Tornado Misting Engine in action. Notice the very even and consistent mist. This is a benefit of the misting basket technology

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Liquids are fed into the hub via metal feeder tubes which run from the hub up the sides of the engine. In this image you are seeing a Typhoon Engine because it has 4 different feeder tubes where as the Tornado only has two.

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Liquids are fed into the hub via metal feeder tubes. The hub spins upwards of 5000 rpm's on some models. Centrifugal force throws the liquid against the spining mesh basket and atomizes the moisture

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Shown here is a standard coarse mesh 12" misting basket. The liquid is thrown out of the hub against this basket. This causes a very even atomization of the liquid. The 6" baskets makes larger particles.


The Tornado F4 misting basket is powered by either an electric or hydraulically driven engine that can be purchased in a variety of configurations. These engines spins an aluminum hub and basket upwards of 5000 rpm’s. The moisture/liquid is fed through 2 feeder tubes into the aluminum hub where it is forced through small holes evenly spaced on the hub (see slideshow above). The liquid is forced through these holes and centrifugal force throws the fluid through a basket spinning equally as fast which in turn atomizes the fluid in a extremely precise and consistent manner. Because the atomized particles are consistently the same size (90% of the moisture) we can accurately forecast exactly how far the particles will travel. Knowing this and being able to adjust the particle size by controlling the flow rate and basket size gives the user unprecedented control over where and how much you can mist.

As mentioned above with the Tornado Misting Engine it is possible to control the particle size in two distinct ways.  First is by changing the basket size. The general rule is the larger the basket the smaller the particles. Our Tornado Series Heads are available with a 6″ and 12″ basket. The 6″ baskets are ideal for handling heavy or high flow rates. To fine tune the particle size is as simple as adjusting the flow rate to the basket head. Generally the higher the flow rate the smaller the particle size. This is the ideal way to fine tune the mist to the particle size you need.

What kind of Control and why is it so important?

Control over the particle size is important for several reasons, the most important of which is that it allows you to control how far a atomized mist can travel. The smaller the particle the longer it takes to fall to the ground and out of the air. For odor control and misting you might want a very small particle size so the odor control agent travels a long distance but you might have a situation where the liquid your atomizing isn’t purified or your located next door to something you can’t get wet. In these situations you need to control exactly how far it (the particles) travel. A fixed nozzle system atomizes liquids efficiently but creates particles in a very wide spectrum of sizes. This means that some particles are falling very slow and some are falling very fast. Often this results in a situation where the moisture begins to pool on the ground and some of the moisture travels further then intended. Misting basket technology creates a very narrow band of particles at a specific size allowing for the most efficient , size consistent and controlled dispersion of moisture available. Perfect if pooling moisture is a big no no or if you need to control exactly how far you want the mist to travel. You can find more details on the advantages by visiting the “About NWC Misting Equipment” section of the website.

A perfect example of how big of an impact the Tornado can have on a industry was when a Coal mining operations decided to replace their current fixed nozzle system with Tornado F4 Heads. The mining company would use the misting system to quickly dampen the coal dust after explosions and when particulates reached a certain parts per million. The mining company spent many hours and money maintaining a fixed nozzle system which often would allow water to pool on the ground. This was a big problem. When the mining company finally tested the Tornado F4 they found that it offered control over both how much moisture was pushed out and control over the particle size in a way that is not possible in a fixed nozzle system.

Product Applications

  • Cooling Systems for Foundries
  • Dust Control in Mines
  • Moisture Control in growing operations
  • Odor Control in Transfer Station

  • Dust & Odor Control in Transfer Stations
  • Dust & Odor Control in MRF’s
  • Chemistry delivery platform for Agribusineses
  • Livestock and Ranching cooling and odor control

Easy Lease Program

Having a Machine that can deliver a Odor control product to the problem area quickly and efficently is only half the battle. Having high quality Odor Control products is just as important. New Waste Concept’s processes work, each Machine lease includes not only the equipment but also a fixed amount of product for ‘FREE’ each month.  Talk to one of our Experts to find out more!!

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Video of Tornado Misting Engine

Visual Comparison of Fixed Nozzle System vs. Tornado Misting Engine

Flow Control Adjustments - Tornado F4 - Misting Basket


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