SWAT TF-1000

The ultimate mobile misting platform


The SWAT TF-1000 is our flagship TF Series model and was designed to deliver large amounts of odor, dust, Insect & bird control for extremely long, unsupervised periods of time. The TF-1000 like the 500 model comes with a Tangential Fan System’s unique ability to push the small droplet size water particles in a very even and accurate way. Combined with the revolutionary Misting Basket Technology users of the TF-1000 will have control over the flow rate of the misted liquid, control over the size of the particles misted and control over the distance those particle travel. The SWAT TF-1000 comes with 3 Tangential fans each capable of pushing a mist as high as 200 ft. into the air. Each Tangential Fan contains two misting baskets for a combined total of 6 misting baskets capable of pushing upwards of 42 gallons a minute of moisture…

The SWAT TF-1000 is a completely self sufficient Mobile platform that enables you to deliver a mist precisely where you want it. Move it based on wind conditions, Traffic patterns, locations of problems spots, etc.. A hose reel is available for topical applications.

SWAT TF-1000 Mobile Misting SystemWhat are the advantages of using a Tangential Fan? Tangential Fan technology is one of the most efficient generators of wind power. The blade surface areas are significantly larger than a standard radial fan yet produce more thrust with less turbulence.

The revolving misting baskets (Tornado Series Misting Basket) can be swapped based on the size of the droplet you wish to produce. Flow rate of the material being misted allows for fine tuning of particle size. The baskets are largely maintenance free especially when compared with Fixed Nozzle Systems that often clog.

Product Specifications

- John Deere Diesel
- 66HP/4 cylinder/turbocharged
- 2 speed throttle-idle and full
- 35 gallon @ 3/4th gallons per hr.
Product Pump
Single 10 gal. product dispensing Tank
Storage Tank Size
1000 gallons
Chemical Pump
Dosatron Chemical Metering Pump
Empty:4500 lbs.
Fully Loaded: 12,800 lbs.
Double Axle Trailer w/ Floatation Tires
Chemical Metering
Dosatron Metering Pump
Fan Type
3 Tangential Fan with 2 Tornado Misting baskets

Product Applications

  • Landfills
  • Composting Facilities
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Transfer Stations

  • Recycling Centers
  • Steel mills
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Airports

Easy Lease Program

Having a Machine that can deliver a Odor control product to the problem area quickly and efficently is only half the battle. Having high quality Odor Control products is just as important. New Waste Concept’s processes work, each Machine lease includes not only the equipment but also a fixed amount of product for ‘FREE’ each month.  Talk to one of our Experts to find out more!!

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Tangential Fan Rendering

Tangential Fan Tech - Mobile Misting



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