SuperSeal 40

Extend the life of a cover material / environmental coating


SuperSeal 40 is the dry chemical offset to the liquid HydraGuard. It is comes in 35 lb. (15.8 kg) bag that is comprised of a matrix of acrylic polymers and other chemistries to resist moisture and create a more durable rain resistant film over the surface what is being covered. It can be easily added to any of the ProGuard or ConCover line of products

Product Specifications

Mixing Ratios
Mixed with Cover :
ConCover 180 -
ConCover SW -
ProGuard SB2 -
ProGuard IIB+ -
ProGuard IIB
Product Type
Dry Chemical Additive
Application Types
Mixed with Cover Material during Mixing Process

Product Applications

Daily Cover Enhancement

SuperSeal 40 like HydraGuard is used to enhances the ability of the daily cover to withstand the moisture or rain events. Its an affordable way to increase the durability of your over night cover material

Interim Cover Enhancement

The addition of SuperSeal 40 is aimed at making the less expensive ConCover SW act more like NWC’s longer term ConCover 180. SuperSeal 40 creates a stronger filming capability because the acrylic polymeric matrix is stronger and stands up to moisture better then cellulosic polymers used in the cover material.

Long-Term Cover Enhancement

The addition of SuperSeal 40 to long-term covers like ConCover 180 it makes the product denser and less spongy, and eliminating some of the air entrainment into the product. This creates a stronger more resistant product.

Product Codes | Sizes

SS40-3535 lbs Bag

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