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Cutting Edge Bird Control Equipment

Why Spend Thousands upon Thousands of dollars on products that dont work or Falconer’s who are there only part of the time. New Waste Concepts has proven solutions for use at landfills, waste facilities, Airports, and a variety of other locations.

Birds problems are a serious these days. Avian flu’s, Plane crashes, Ecoli transmission and insect infestations are all very bad side effects of bird congregations in the wrong places. New Waste Concepts Falconing alternative will keep them away from the places that you dont want them.

The Screamin’ Eagle is the cornerstone of a successful bird mitigation program

RC Crafts for Industrial Settings

NWC is the exclusive distributor of the Screamin’ Eagle which is a life like remote control Aircraft designed to withstand the rugged environments found in landfills. Several sites have tested the Screamin’ Eagle and have found that it’s much more effective harassment technique then Falcons and costs about 50% less. Using the Screamin’ Eagle also reduces the amount of pyrotechnics or other harassment methods are needed and thus reducing operating costs. When combined with NWC Bird Deterrent Chemistries site can effectively eliminate just about any bird problem.

What you get when you purchase a Screamin’ Eagle

New Waste Concepts sells the Screamin’ Eagle in a Kit that includes two Remote Controlled Aircraft. Spare set of wings, several sets of Batteries, 2 high end remote controls and other materials needed to repair and keep your Eagle operational. New Waste Concepts can even find a pilot for your site or find a trainer for one  of your employees or we can even manage the entire bird control program at your site so you don’t have to hire people, pay benefits etc. The choice is yours.


  • Reduces litter being taken off the site and dropped in neighboring areas
  • Enhances operations by reducing birds at your facility
  • Reduces the spread of disease by scavenging birds
  • Increases worker satisfaction
  • Keeps neighbors and regulatory officials satisfied
  • Complies with all Federal Regulations for protection of wildlife

Managed Services

New Waste Concepts also provides services where our employees do the actual odor and bird control for your site. We find a qualified pilot and put them through an intense training program on our equipment and products. This person would then be onsite and be responsible for the Bird Control at that location and possibly others. You can further reduce your operating costs by allowing us to do your odor control  and End of the Day application of Cover to eliminate overhead and costly overtime.

Onsite Demo

If your interested in trying our Screamin’ Eagle and Bird Control Chemistries out at your site please send us a demo request form and we will schedule a time to visit and show you just how effective NWC’s Bird Control Program can be.

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