ProGuard Ultra

The Liquid Alternative Daily Cover


ProGuard Ultra - A Liquid Alternative Daily CoverProGuard Ultra is a blend of engineered polymers and recycled fibers that is premixed to form a thick viscous slurry. The slurry forms a barrier to control litter, fires, dust and odors. Formulated to meet all Subtitle D Regulations, ProGuard Ultra alternative daily cover acts as an effective barrier to sulphur and other odors and in suppressing radon gas and other volatile organic compounds.

ProGuard Ultra arrives at your site either in a 275 gallon Tote or in a Tanker and is offloaded into a storage tank. ProGuard Ultra is a biodegradable, non-toxic material (HMIS rated ‘0’ for health, fire & reactivity) and uses recycled materials making it one of the greenest & safest product on the market today.

And Finally we made it so you can use ProGuard Ultra in any Hydroseeding Machine and Pump. We have even developed a self contained system for smaller remediation or seeding projects. Its a unit that fits in the back of a pick up truck

All this with the quality that the ConCover/ProGuard brand is known and the luxury of it being pre-mixed means even more savings over the competition

Product Applications

  • Alternative Daily Cover On MSW, C & D, and Hazardous Waste Landfills
  • Vector And Bird Control In Landfills When Integrated With Other NWC Products
  • Delivery Medium For Chemical, Biological And Microbial Landfill Stabilization Products
  • Low Cost Odor Suppression System
  • Works in any machine/pump type
  • Control Blowing Liter throughout the day
  • Inexpensive Grass Seeding Medium

  • Balefill Landfill Alternative Daily Cover – Adheres To Vertical Surfaces
  • Ideal for Active Gas Collection Systems, As A Cover Layer Over Temporary Soil Covering That Minimizes The Penetration Of Oxygen
  • Steep Slope Stabilization & Erosion Control
  • Ideal for small remediation or seeding projects
  • No Mixing, No Adding Chemicals, Ready to go
  • Totes easily are moved around with a forklift

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Product Specifications

Available ColorsGreen, Blue-Green, Light-Brown
Life Expectancy (Durability)7 to 21 Days
Water per Unit500 gal.(US)/410 gal (Imperial)/2000 liters
Coverage per sq.ft/m15000-16000 ft2 / 102.2-79m2



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