ProGuard SB2

Quality Alternative Daily Cover for less then $0.01 per square foot


ProGuard-SB2-BagProGuard SB2 is the latest alternative daily cover from NWC. It’s unique formula of engineered polymers was created in response to trends in raw material costs, fuel costs and the operational changes being implemented in the solid waste industry.

We reformulated using raw materials that have been extremely stable over the past 10 years. Changes in demand for certain raw materials can have a significant impact on price. For example Muds like Bentonite Clay have increased in price due to increased demand by the Oil & Gas industry. If your alternative daily cover/ADC is made primarily of Clay’s then you could see a unanticipated jump in the price of your alternative daily cover. Our ProGuard SB2 formula avoids these increases providing our customers with a stable and reliable price.

We also reduce your shipping cost by sourcing the bulk of your Raw materials locally. A large percentage of alternative daily cover’s/ADC’s consists of a Mulch base paper product. Its the Chemistries that are key to a durable and reliable cover and so we have partnered with Paper Companies across North America so our customers can benefit from the savings of sourcing those materials locally.

And Finally we made it so you can use ProGuard SB2 in any Hydroseeding Machine and Pump.. Use your current equipment

All this with the quality that the ConCover/ProGuard brand is known for means savings of up to 40% over what you normally would pay

Product Applications

  • Alternative Daily Cover On MSW, C & D, and Hazardous Waste Landfills
  • Vector And Bird Control In Landfills When Integrated With Other NWC Products
  • Delivery Medium For Chemical, Biological And Microbial Landfill Stabilization Products
  • Low Cost Odor Suppression System
  • Works in any machine/pump type
  • Control Blowing Liter throughout the day
  • Inexpensive Grass Seeding Medium

  • Balefill Landfill Daily Cover – Adheres To Vertical Surfaces
  • Ideal for Active Gas Collection Systems, As A Cover Layer Over Temporary Soil Covering That Minimizes The Penetration Of Oxygen
  • Steep Slope Stabilization & Erosion Control
  • Paper is sourced locally for reduced shipping costs
  • Easy to Mix, Easy to Clean, Easy to Load
  • Two-Component System Allows For Variability Of Mix Ratios

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Product Specifications

Available ColorsGreen, Blue-Green, Light-Brown
Life Expectancy (Durability)7 to 21 Days
Water per Unit500 gal.(US)/410 gal (Imperial)/2000 liters
Coverage per sq.ft/m15000-16000 ft2 / 102.2-79m2



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