ProGuard IIB

Alternative Daily Cover for the International Markets


ProGuard-IIB-BagProGuard IIB is the alternative daily cover material developed for the international market. It is a blend of engineered polymers and recycled fibers that forms a thick viscous slurry when mixed with water. The slurry forms a barrier to control litter, fires, dust and odors. Formulated to meet all Subtitle D Regulations, ProGuard IIB acts as an effective barrier to sulphur and other odors and in suppressing radon gas and other volatile organic compounds.

ProGuard IIB arrives at your site as a Two-Component System, consisting of chemical ‘A’ bags and a recycled paper and wood fibre matrix blend ‘B’ bag. ProGuard IIB is a biodegradable, non-toxic material (HMIS rated ‘0’ for health, fire & reactivity) and uses recycled materials making it the greenest & safest product on the International market today.

Product Applications

  • Alternative Daily Cover On MSW, C & D, and Hazardous Waste Landfills
  • Vector And Bird Control In Landfills When Integrated With Other NWC Products
  • Delivery Medium For Chemical, Biological And Microbial Landfill Stabilization Products
  • Low Cost Odor Suppression System
  • Intermediate or Interim Covers on MSW or Hazardous Waste
  • Low Cost Radon Gas Suppression
  • Fugitive Dust Control on Hazardous Sites
  • Control Blowing Liter throughout the day

  • Balefill Landfill Daily Cover – Adheres To Vertical Surfaces
  • Ideal for Active Gas Collection Systems, As A Cover Layer Over Temporary Soil Covering That Minimizes The Penetration Of Oxygen
  • Steep Slope Stabilization & Erosion Control
  • Alternative Daily Cover For Contaminated Sediment & Hazardous Waste Excavation
  • Low Cost Radon Gas Suppression
  • Two-Component System Allows For Variability Of Mix Ratios
  • Inexpensive Grass Seeding Medium

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Product Specifications

Available ColorsGreen, Blue-Green, Light-Brown
Life Expectancy (Durability)12 to 24 Months
Water per Unit50 gal.(US)/41 gal (Imperial)/189 liters
Coverage per sq.ft/m1100-850 ft2 / 102.2-79m2



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