Odor Lieutenant

Chemical Neutralizer – Odor Control for Alkaline & Organic Waste 


Odor Lieutenant was designed specifically to target alkaline odorous compounds like ammonia, butylamine, trimethylamines, amines, skatoles and other similar compounds. Although these compounds may have unfamiliar names they are odors that are quite familiar to most people. They are common odors found in putrecible waste (household garbage), sewage treatment plants, sewage reticulation systems, animal breeding and processing facilities.It is safe around animals and can be topically applied to a surface area or misted on a time programmed basis. It has become a very popular Odor control agent used at landfills and composting facilities due to its very popular fragrance. It doesn’t just mask the odors it works to eliminate the odors completely.

Odor Lt. is especially effective against alkaline compounds with their toxic and offensive potential neutralized by the following general reaction:

NH3 (ammonia) + Odor Lieutenant = CH3COONH4 (amine salt) or RCH2CONH4

Product Specifications

Mixing Ratios
Topically : 0.25%-2% active solution

Misted : 0.25%-0.50% (misted constantly)

Misted : 0.50%-1.50% (misted intermittently)
Product Type
Chemical Neutralizer
Application Types
Topically or Misted
Additional Info
Product State – Liquid (all blends)
Storage Temperature – Store between 45 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit (all blends)

Product Codes | Sizes

OLT-275275 gal. Tote
OLT-05555 gal. Drum
OLT-0055 gal. Pail
OLT-0011 gal. Jug
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Product Applications

  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Sewage Reticulation Systems
  • Transfer Stations
  • Animal Breeding Facilities

  • Animal Processing Facilities
  • Landfills
  • Leachate Evaporation