Odor captain

Bacteria & Enzymes – Hydrocarbon odor Control


Is a series of product designed for in-situ bioremediation projects. It comprised of biodegradeable biostimulants and cleaners and uses a proprietary blend of naturally occurning bacterial cultures which are highly adaptive and tolerent to high contamination concentrations of hydrocarbon odor producing substances. Specialized biodegradeable surfactants and bionutrients are added for efficacy to further enhance the vitality of the culture. Where normal bacteria die Odor Captain thrives.

Product Blends

Odor Captain HC-1

  • Decontaminates soil and ground water containing hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon odor producing materials
  • Ideal for use with leaking underground storage tanks, etc…
  • Ideal for highly contaminated sediments found in many enviormental remediation projects.
  • Can tolerate petroleum concentrations inhibitory to many indigenous bacterial populations
  • Rapidly degradges all major organic components of #4, #5 & #6 Fuel Oils, Crude Oil and Coal Tars.

Odor Captain HC-2

  • Targets a wide variety of industrial wastes including fatty acids, hydrocarbons, phenolic compounds, ketones, surfactants, recalcitrant orgames
  • Improves maximum rates of organic removal as measured by BOD, COD or TOC
  • Rapid recovery from load- related and toxic upsets in wastewater and municipal applications

Product Specifications

Mixing Ratios
0.25% – 4.0% active solution in water
Product Type
Bio-Augmented Bacteria & Enzymes Chemical Neutralizer
Application Type
Additional Info
Product State – Liquid or Powder
Concentrations – 300 Billon per gal.

Product Codes | Sizes

Odor Captain HC-1
OC-H1-275275 gal. Tote
OC-H1-05555 gal. Drum
OC-H1-0055 gal. Pail
OC-H1-0011 gal. Jug
Odor Captain HC-2
OC-H2-275275 gal. Tote
OC-H2-05555 gal. Drum
OC-H2-0055 gal. Pail
OC-H2-0011 gal. Jug
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