HydraGuard 42

Dust Control for High Traffic Areas


HydraGuard is NWC’s propriety liquid formulation of polymers and other cross-linked chemistries that can be used for long term dust control in high traffic areas. The polymers bond particles of dust into large enough sized particles that they have an extremely difficult time getting airborne. NWC’s HydraGuard liquid comes in a 275 gallon (1040 liter) plastic flexible tote. Cost per square foot ranges from 1-2 cents (USD) or 10.7 – 21.5 cents (USD) per square foot depending upon the dilution ratio you choose when mixing HydraGuard 42 to a water truck.

Product Applications

Topical application of HydraGuard

Using HydraGuard topically allows you to put a polymeric film not only over the surface of the road that will resist the penetration of water and bond the tiny dust molecules together deep in the soil. It works in a manner that is similar to putting a finish varnish or clear coat of paint on the surface of wood. Typical mixing ratio of HydraGuard with Water, when topically applying the product vary based on the type of dust and surface material it is covering. HydraGuard is most easily applied via a water truck.

Extreme dust problems allow HydraGuard to be mixed with a cover material for impermeable surface coatings

HydraGuard can also be mixed with the cover material as it is being blended. We suggest that the HydraGuard be added when the water is put into the tank. With ConCover 180, we believe that you want to have 10% – 15% of the liquid volume as HydraGuard, depending upon the circumstances. One of the advantages of mixing it with the product is that you don’t have to come back and re-coat the surface which often requires application planning. With ConCover SW, the mixing ratio is about the same (i.e. 10% of the water should be HydraGuard). Apply the cover material in the same manner you normally would. Dust control using this technique typically lasts months

HydraGuard enhances impermeability and durability for all NWC cover materials

HydraGuard can also be mixed with the cover material as it is being blended. We suggest that the HydraGuard be added HydraGuard has been mixed with all of the ProGuard and ConCover product line. With ProGuard SB2 Superplus, it helps create a low cost intermediate cover material. When mixed as a part of a ConCover SW custom blend called Superplus it make an extremely durable intermediate cover for suppressing VOC’s, odors and dust. When mixed with ConCover 180 NS, it allows the product to be applied in an aquatic setting where it can coat the bottom of a pond or fill area even if it has to sink through 6 inches of water.

Product Codes | Sizes

HG42-275275 gal. Tote
HG42-05555 gal. Drum
HG42-0055 gal. Pail

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HydraGuard Application Rates

Application Useft2/galgal./ft2gal./acreHG 42WATERgal./acre$ / ft2

High Traffic Dust Control

Roads (High Traffic)350.0291245134978$0.187
Roads (Light Traffic)450.022968144840$0.146
Heavy Haul Roads300.0331452135808$0.218
Temporary Roads700.014622164356$0.094
Road Shoulders750.013581164066$0.087
Walking Trails & Paths800.013545184901$0.082
Parking Lots450.022968144840$0.146

Slope Erosion Control

Light Slope:1500.007290182614$0.044
Average Slope:1250.008348162439$0.052
Steep Slope:700.014622132489$0.094

Stock Pile Dust Capping

Light Slope:2000.005218181960$0.033
Average Slope:1750.006249171991$0.037
Steep Slope:1500.007290162033$0.044

Odor & Vapor Suppression


Water Retention Basin


No Traffic Dust Control

30 Days:6750.001651181226$0.010
90 Days:4350.0021001111202$0.015
6 Months:3200.003136181225$0.020
12 Months:2200.005198161386$0.030
12- 24 Months:1500.007290141452$0.044