HydraGuard 21

Short Term Water Repellent Polymer


HydraGuard 21HydraGuard 21 is NWC’s propriety liquid formulation of polymers and other cross-linked chemistries is designed to create a thin opaque film that repels water off a surface. NWC’s HydraGuard liquid comes in a 275 gallon (1040 liter) plastic flexible tote. Cost per square foot ranges from 1-2 cents (USD) or 6.8 – 12.5 cents (USD) per square meter depending upon how thick a membrane you want when you topically apply the HydraGuard to a surface.

Product Applications

Topical Application of HydraGuard on a Surface Area

Using HydraGuard topically allows you to put a polymeric film over the surface of a slope or flat surface that will repel the penetration of water. It is similar to putting a finish varnish or clear coat of paint on the surface of wood. Typical mixing ratio of HydraGuard with Water, when topically applying the product, is to use 10-15% of the final solution as HydraGuard. Mix the product, and then lightly spray the combined mixture on the surface area you wish to have water sheet off of. Ideal for sites looking to reduce the amount of moisture absorbed into a landfill.

HydraGuard 21 as a Dust Control Product

HydraGuard can also be mixed with water an sprayed via a water truck to create an extremely durable dust control product. We suggest that the HydraGuard be added when the water is put into the tank. One of the advantages of using HydraGuard is that you don’t have to come back and re-coat the surface over and over as traffic and the moisture evaporates. The material is flexible and can withstand heavy traffic volumes.

Product Codes | Sizes

HG21-275275 gal. Tote
HG21-05555 gal. Drum
HG21-0055 gal. Pail

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