CAPS EL Series

Durable, efficient, best-in-class hydroseeders


New Waste Concepts has been making or modifying equipment since the early 90’s. For over 20 years New Waste Concepts has been on the frontier of innovations. We sell most makes and models of Hydro-seeders to our customers. The CAPS (ConCover All Purpose Sprayer) EL Series is the culmination of over 20 years working and listening to our customers throughout the waste industry. As a result the EL Series Machines are specifically designed to tackle the most difficult of the problems at a waste facility working face or remediation clean up.

Similar to a Brabus edition of a car these features/modification/improvements can be done on other hydroseeders. We can take an “off the lot” hydroseeder and get it ready for the harsh and demanding environments found in the waste and environmental engineering industries.

Theses customer focused improvements whether its on our own CAPS EL Series machine or another brand of machine help make the application of NWC’s integrated product lines simple and cost effective.

So what makes an EL Series So special?

The CAPS EL Series reputation is the result of listening to our customers over the past 20 years. Unlike most companies our customers actively participate in the development/evolution of our machines. When our team of engineers create a piece of equipment/feature it goes through a process we refer to as evolutions. Each of these evolutions represents a series of tested upgrades from the original hydroseeder design to current production model. Each upgrade MUST either improve efficency or expand on the base functionality of the machine. This is the requirement for a design or new function being added.

CAPS EL Series Features

The CAPS EL Series hydroseeder has gone through numerous evolutions and as a result has a mature robust feature set unmatched by any other machine on the market today. Click the link below to view some of the Features that come standard on our EL Series and are available as modifications on our other lines hydro-seeders.

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Progressive Cavity Pump - Hydroseeder


Progressive Cavity Pump

A Progressive Cavity Pump is more durable, less maintenance, and able to pump a wider range of viscosities. All of our CAPS EL Series machines come standard with a PC Pump.

Boat Tail Spray Platform - Hydroseeder


Boat Tail Spray Platform

Would you like to be able to spray in a 270 degee radius? The Boat tail allows even access to both sides and reduces the amount of time needed to cover thus lowering your operating costs.

Stainless Steel Tank - Hydroseeder


Stainless Steel Tank

Stainless steel Mixing/Blending Tanks are more durable and stronger then the typical Steel tanks our competitors use. Its one of the reasons our machines last on average 4 times longer then our nearest competition.

Spray Control Center - Hydroseeder


Spray Control Center

The Control Center enables the person applying the Product to have control over the machines augers, valves and pumps. It even includes a horn for safety. Control everything from one spot.

Mulch Grinder - Hydroseeder


Mulch Grinder

Our Mulch Grinder is easily the most talked about Feature on the CAPS EL Series machines. The Grinder allows you to open,load, and break up bags of mulch quickly into the Mixing tank minimizing labor and blending times.

Product Loading Deck - Hydroseeder


Product Loading Deck

Another popular features of the CAPS EL Series machines is the Product Loading Deck. Our customers rave about the ease with which they can load the product. A feature which saves you time and money.

Articulating Hitch - Hydroseeder


Articulating Hitch

The Articulating Hitch is a custom adjustable hitch that is standard on all LCU configurations. It allows for an easier connection with typical heavy duty machinery especially CAT equipment.

Foam Filled Tires - Hydroseeder


Foam Filled Tires

Foam Filled Tires come standard on any serious heavy duty machine. Our CAPS EL Series is the only machine of its kind to come standard with Foam Filled Tires on the LCU (landfill carriage unit) Configuration. Our competition must not see the benefits.

CAPS EL Series Configurations

New Waste Concepts provides our customers with the ultimate flexibility in how to configure a machine for it’s primary use. Some Customers need to be able to move it from place to place, while others need a reinforced structure for rugid terrain. The configuration of the machine is critical in making sure the machine is capable of doing what you want it to do.

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There are currently 4 main Configurations:


A trailer version that has brakes and lights for moving down the highway behind a vehicle

Landfill Carriage Unit (LCU):

A fixed hub and frame which has no brakes or lights and has a much higher ground clearance. This configuration is ideal for rough terrain or use in a landfill so it can be moved over the open working face and won’t get caught by debris.

Roll Off Box (custom):

A new configuration for 2008 that is gaining popularity. Configured to fit on a roll off box truck frame so you can remove the tank and machine, the custom roll off configurations allows ultimate flexibility and is often the preferred configuration for Railcar facilities.

One off/Unique(full custom):

Over the years we have made a variety of Custom Configurations to suit your needs. Fix mounted on a Vehicle frame or Truck mounted, New Waste Concepts can develop a configuration that works for you. Mount it on the machine of your choice

CAPS EL Series Options

One of the things that makes the CAPS EL Series unique are the available options. Some of these options are designed for specific environments while others are designed for increasing productivity. NWC has designed most of these options at the suggestion of our clients or for a specific application the machine was being used for.

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Some of our more popular Options:

Crane Unit for loading

Crane Lifting Unit & Tote Lifting Bracket

was designed to allow lthe ifting pallets instead of individual chemical & mulch bags when creating a batch. We also created Bracket that works with our Chemical Totes. Totes are an easy way to lift and add the chemicals. The advantage is single bag loads for larger tank sizes.

Freeze Blankets

Freeze Protection Blankets

Often used in cold climates to prevent Freezing of water/product, freeze protection blankets are mounted on either side of the Mixing tank and a Power Center is mounted near the nose. The Machine is then plugged in overnight or when not in use and the blankets keep the contents of the tank from freezing.

Winterization tank

Winterization Tank

is used during the winter to keep the tanks from freezing. It allows propolyne Glycol to be run throughout the pipes at the end of the. Propolyne Glycol is the same thing they use to de-ice airplanes and can keep the liquids in the pipes from freezing even in temperatures significantly below zero.

Dust Spray Bar

Dust Spray Bar

Similar to what you see on water trucks at a landfill. The dust spray bar is atttached to the back of the machine and connected to the mixing tank. The machine is then pulled around the landfill applying the dust control product or water behind it. Consider expanding the capabilities of the CAP EL to include dust control.

Which Machine is right for You?

If your interested in Learning more about NWC’s CAPS EL Series machine and want to figure out which machine is best suited for your operation please contact one of our sales engineers by clicking the link above.


EL Series Tank Sizes

CAPS 3300 EL
Volume: 3,300 Gallons /12,500 liters
Coverage: up to 87,000 sq. ft / 8,050 sq. meters
CAPS 1700 EL
Volume: 1,700 Gallons /12,500 liters
Coverage: up to 87,000 sq. ft / 8,050 sq. meters
CAPS 1200 EL
Volume: 1,200 Gallons /12,500 liters
Coverage: up to 87,000 sq. ft / 8,050 sq. meters
Volume: 900 Gallons /12,500 liters
Coverage: up to 87,000 sq. ft / 8,050 sq. meters