Bird Commander

A proven bird agitating agent


Successful Bird Control with and without Bird CommanderWhy Spend Thousands upon Thousands of dollars on products that dont work or Falconer’s who have partial control over their birds and are there only part of the time. Bird Commander is reliable consistent all natural bird control product for use at landfills, waste facilities, Airports, and a variety of other locations.

Birds are a serious these days. Avian flu’s, Plane crashes and insect infestations are all very bad side effects of bird congregations in the wrong places. Bird Commanders will keep the away from the places that you dont want them. When applied to to a surface, anything on that surface including food will give off a grape like scent. This scent causes any nearby birds to become uncomfortable. Similar to having a tooth ache or migraine. Over a period of time as the birds learn to associate the irritant with your facility the Local bird populations will move on and find another food source.

To see how effective Bird Commander bird control can be check out the photo below showing bread crumbs on the ground Vs. Bread Crumbs on the ground treated with Bird Commander. The contrast is startling.

New Waste Concepts Bird Commander like most of our products can be integrated into our covers and Odor Control products offering true multi-functionality

Product Specifications

Mixing Ratios
Topically : 0.75%-2% active solution in water
Misted : 0.25%-0.5% active solution (Continuous Misting)
Topically : 1.25%-2.5% active solution (Intermittent Misting)
Product Type
Chemical base repellant
Application Types
Topically or Misted

Product Benefits

Bird Commander is one of the most effective products NWC offers and can be added to our Odor Sgt Series Odor Control Products. These are just some of them:
  • Enhances operations by reducing birds at your facility
  • Reduces the spread of disease by scavenging birds
  • Increases worker satisfaction

  • Keeps neighbors and regulatory officials satisfied
  • Sludge Drying Beds
  • Complies with all Federal Regulations for protection of wildlife

Product Codes | Sizes

BC-275275 gal. Tote
BC-05555 gal. Drum
BC-0055 gal. Pail
BC-0011 gal. Jug